Ryan Reynolds Says He Headbutted Denzel Washington Twice While Making Safe House

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington have individually starred in much better movies than Safe House, but the 2012 action thriller has found a new lease of life on streaming. It’s been one of the most popular titles on Netflix in the United States all week, which is far from the first time subscribers have seen it on the Top 10.

The two A-listers bring everything you’d want and then some to their respective characters; even if an out of his depth CIA handler and a former operative turned international criminal are roles Reynolds and Washington could respectively play in their sleep given how broad and archetypal they are.

It’s not a coincidence that the pace of Safe House slows to a crawl anytime the dynamic duo isn’t the focus of the story, but Reynolds has revealed on Instagram that he may have gotten a little too carried away when filming one of the action sequences, as you can see below.

safe house

Headbutting Denzel Washington once would be bad enough, but to do it again immediately afterward? You could only imagine the embarrassment on Reynolds’ part. At least he didn’t leave the legendary actor with a pair of black eyes, or things could have gone very badly. Maybe now even more people will revisit Safe House on Netflix to try and pinpoint exactly where the accident could have happened.