Ryan Reynolds Jokingly Reveals Why Deadpool 3 Is Taking So Long


Fox was raring to go with the next installment in the Deadpool franchise, but since Disney took over the rights to the Merc with a Mouth, things have slowed down. Marvel Studios has got to work out how to fit Wade Wilson into their ever-growing shared universe, which unfortunately means fans have to be patient. But is this the actual reason Deadpool 3 is taking so long? Maybe this is just what they want us to think.

DP himself, Ryan Reynolds, took to social media today to “reveal” the real reason why he hasn’t made another Marvel movie yet. The star shared a hilarious parody of the opening to Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries, recut to include clips from the first Deadpool, to celebrate five years to the day since test footage for the flick leaked online.

“It’s why the next #Deadpool film is taking so long,” Reynolds joked in his caption. “Still trying to solve this. Happy #Leakaversary.”

For those who need a refresher course, in 2015 a two-minute scene of Reynolds’ Deadpool hopping into a car and beating up some goons, breaking the fourth wall along the way, landed online. Fans immediately fell in love with it, which caused Fox to reverse their decision on cancelling the project. It’s often been wondered if Reynolds himself or someone else on the team was the one behind it, in order to show the studio how much folks wanted to see the antihero done justice. The actor seems to be teasing that possibility again with this new tongue-in-cheek tweet, but perhaps we’ll never know.

As for Deadpool 3, Reynolds has previously said that he doesn’t know what’s going on with that over in Marvel’s camp. We recently heard that the studio is considering using the threequel to retell Wade’s origins story though, this time tying him into the Weapon X program and the wider MCU. The film could also be used to reboot the X-Men as a whole. Apparently, now we just need Reynolds to stop playing detective and then it can happen.