Ryan Reynolds Rumored To Be Making Green Lantern Announcement


It was in October 2014 that Warner Bros. announced they were working on a Green Lantern reboot, but here we are six years later and there’s been no word on it actually getting around to happening. Instead, the Corps will next be seen in an exclusive HBO Max series being spearheaded by Greg Berlanti, one that’s said to eventually connect to the big screen DCEU.

In that time, the only newsworthy developments about a Green Lantern movie have come from the continued shots taken at the infamous box office bomb by Ryan Reynolds, who still can’t stop making fun of it almost a decade later. Green Lantern Corps may have quickly stalled in development, but that hasn’t stopped rumors from making the rounds that say the Deadpool star might be set to make the unlikeliest of returns.

There’s been plenty of speculation that Reynolds could find himself involved in the reshoots for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, with the filmmaker hinting that the intergalactic law enforcers may have a much more substantial role the second time around. It seemed like wishful thinking to imagine the former Hal Jordan making an appearance, but all bets would appear to be off now after Jared Leto’s Joker was announced as a very late addition to the ensemble.

In fact, tipster Grace Randolph is hinting this week that something might very well be in the works, teasing that an announcement about the actor’s involvement could be imminent. Of course, this remains very much confined to the rumor mill for now, but if the DCEU really wants to finally draw a line under the Green Lantern debacle, then giving Ryan Reynolds one more shot under the CGI costume to bring the whole thing full circle is an avenue that’s definitely worth exploring.