Ryan Reynolds Shot 75 Different Ads To Promote Free Guy

Free Guy
Image via 20th Century Studios

On top of his career as an A-list movie star and producer, Ryan Reynolds has been making quite a name for himself in both the business and marketing worlds, and he was even named AdWeek’s Brand Visionary of 2020 due to the success of the various campaigns launched by his Maximum Effort agency.

He retains a controlling interest in Aviation gin after selling up in a $600 million deal last year, co-owns Mint Mobile, sits on the board of directors at Match Group and recently purchased a Welsh soccer team with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator Rob McElhenney.

It’s led to countless viral ads that have drummed up huge interest for the brands he’s a major part of, which included luring Rick Moranis out of retirement and a two-season order for an FX documentary crew to follow Wrexham A.F.C as Reynolds and McElhenney begin their stint at the helm of a team that was first founded in 1864.

Continuing his unquenchable thirst to be at the forefront of innovative marketing and promotional strategies, a new piece on box office smash hit Free Guy reveals that the leading man shot no less than 75 different ads for the video game-inspired blockbuster, and in an interview he revealed why he went all-out to drum up interest in the movie.

“I think people would presume that to be kinda frustrating, but I love marketing. It’s more opportunity for storytelling, more opportunity to play with culture and mess with expectation.”

Cross-promoting Free Guy with his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as Deadpool was just one notable example, and Reynolds had more opportunities than ever to toy with the marketing after the film was delayed countless times as a result of the pandemic, before finally hitting theaters earlier this month.