RZA Cast In G.I. Joe 2

The upcoming Jon Chu-directed sequel G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes has signed on two new Joes. THR reports that rapper-turned-actor RZA is in negotiations to board the overhauled G.I. Joe part deux as martial arts expert “Blind Master”. D.J. Cotrona is also joining the fresh cast as “Flint,” a beret-wearing Joe soldier.

This news follows the Dwayne Johnson casting earlier this week as heavy machine gunner “Roadblock”. Chu is planning a true overhaul in this sequel to the dismal G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra by bringing in a whole new cast of characters.

RZA is known most as a famous rapper and Wu-Tang Clan leader. He’s been in a few films, like Derailed and the upcoming Man with the Iron Fists. I can’t say that much about him as an actor, as I’ve only seen a few performances and I certainly wasn’t blown away by his acting talent.

Cotrona also hasn’t had fly-away fame, and he’s most recently been in ABC’s drama series Detroit 1-8-7. At least from what I’ve seen of him, he’s got the looks and body for the part of a super soldier. His character, at least in the action-figure collection, is best known for his shotgun and his beret.

So yes, this is shaping up to be a sequel worthy of the original (sarcasm intended). I’ve mentioned before how I feel about this franchise. As terrible as the first one was, it amazes me that this is the franchise Paramount has decided to put their energy into, even pushing back the Star Trek sequel to do it. I really hope Chu proves me wrong, but as of now I don’t have high hopes.