Samuel L. Jackson Celebrates Star Wars Day With Awesome T-Shirt


May the 4th is finally here and all manner of Star Wars celebrations are happening around the world. New show The Bad Batch has just launched its feature-length premiere on Disney+ and we’re hoping for some teasers and info on upcoming series and movies as the day goes on. Not only that, but one Prequel Trilogy star has now offered up his own tribute.

Samuel L. Jackson posted a picture to Instagram showing him in a T-shirt referencing two of his most famous roles: Mace Windu and Jules Winnfield (from Pulp Fiction). This mashes up a line of Quentin Tarantino’s dialogue, resulting in Windu reminding us to “be cool, just like Yoda.”

Check it out below:

Of course, there’s been some talk over the years that Mace Windu might return to a galaxy far, far away. The Jedi General was an exceptionally skilled warrior, but bought the farm after failing to detect Darth Sidious’ sinister machinations. Even so, he was on the verge of taking down the Sith Lord until Anakin intervened, causing him to be electrocuted with Force Lightning and blasted out of a window.

It’s here that things get fuzzy. As far as the ongoing Star Wars saga is concerned, that’s how Mace Windu died. However, we don’t actually see his body and it’s certainly possible that a powerful Jedi could survive the fall. This has led to speculation that Windu recovered, and at one point there was an outlandish theory that he eventually became Supreme Leader Snoke. Personally, I doubt that Windu lived, as he doesn’t seem like the type to simply go into hiding.

Whatever happened to him, we know that his spirit at least survived, as we heard him urging Rey on during the Jedi chorus in the finale of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Maybe it’s best to just keep Yoda’s teachings in mind: “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.”