6 Films To Remind You That School Doesn’t Have To Suck


Man, going back to school sucks, eh? It is one of those rituals we were forced to endure most of our lives, and even though we did it every year for half our lives (I was a slow learner), it never got any easier. And it used to be that you knew September meant school, so the first time anyone brought that month up during the Summer it would make you die a little inside. But now, we have school starting in August (at least around here in the Northeast) and you can feel the contempt pouring from many as they are forced to buy their pencils, pens, and all the other stupid shit you need to get before going back to school. But what if I told you that I knew of a handful of movies that shine a sweet light on school? What if I told you there are movies that take place in and around various schools, with various colorful characters, and that seeing these movies will make you realize you are lucky as shit to be in the best place you will ever be in life?

No, really, you need to understand, school is the last GREAT thing you may experience. After that, life is all work. Working to get a good job. Working to make your relationship work. Working to not be working so much. Working to get a family. Working to maintain that family. Just working, working, and working. Never again you will be in a microcosm as perfect and all-encompassing as school is. So I decided the only way many of you would learn this is by watching OTHER school experiences, and then forming your own AROUND those. It may sound silly, but it is like a sort of conditioning. I am now conditioning you, with art, to be more aware that school doesn’t suck nearly as badly as you claim it does, and maybe you need to see that through someone else’s eyes to understand, so here you go. School through the eyes of many, and why it doesn’t suck complete ass.