First Soob! Photos Reunite The Whole Gang


Zoinks! Get those Scooby snacks ready because next summer, the Mystery Gang will be back and ready to take down any masked foes who get in their way. The upcoming animated film Scoob! is set to introduce a new generation of kids to the crime-solving dog and his human buddies.

Below are four exclusive official images that give fans an idea of what the crew is going to look like this time around and thankfully, it seems like Warner Bros. has kept most of the characters the same while simultaneously using technology to make them look better than ever.

Velma and Daphne are still rocking their signature outfits, while Shaggy continues to dress as casually as he always has. The always preppy Fred has undergone a bit of a makeover, thankfully resulting in the loss of that ugly orange ascot that he’s been trying to pull off for years, while the group’s colorful blue and green van has been updated with some technology up top and honestly looks better than ever.

We also see the gang hard at work here in the second photo. Well, most of the gang. Fred, Velma and Daphne can be spotted gathering information about a case and while Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are nowhere to be found in this picture, a quick glimpse at the next still shows them doing what they do best: eating. The two best buds are sharing a delicious basket of cheesy nachos in a movie theater. Clearly, the duo are as close (and as hungry) as ever. The final screenshot, meanwhile, features a younger version of the pals, hinting that the film might explore how the Mystery Gang came to be.

If these stills aren’t enough to entice you to go see the movie, the stellar cast definitely should. The feature stars the voice of original series cast member Frank Welker reprising his role as the titular mutt, along with Zac Efron (Fred), Gina Rodriguez (Velma), Will Forte (Shaggy) and Amanda Seyfried (Daphne). Tracy Morgan, Ken Jeong, Kiersey Clemons, Mark Wahlberg and Jason Isaacs are all also lending their voices to the flick.

Scoob! is set to be released on May 15th, 2020. Don’t miss it.