Screenwriter Nicole Perlman On The Challenges Of Crafting Marvel’s First Female Superhero Movie In Captain Marvel


Marvel may be in no rush to formally unveil the director of Captain Marvel, but that radio silence has in no way quelled excitement for the Brie Larson-fronted solo movie.

Currently set to arrive in 2019, so far the only creative players attached to the superhero spinoff – that we know of, at least – are Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Megan LeFauve (Inside Out). Together, they make for quite the formidable screenwriting duo, and Perlman is fast becoming an instrumental cog in the Marvel movie machine, particularly after her contribution to James Gunn’s Guardians screenplay back in 2014. But looking ahead to the Captain Marvel standalone pic, Nicole Perlman concedes that she’s facing her biggest creative challenge yet.

Appearing on a recent episode of The Great Big Beautiful Podcast (via MCU Exchange), Perlman acknowledged the pressure looming over Captain Marvel, which will go on to become the studio’s first female-led superhero movie when it arrives in two years’ time. The trick, according to Perlman, is to craft Carol Danvers’ origin story in such a way that “her being a woman is part of [her] strength.”

“I think there’s a tendency to have that back and forth conversation of ‘Should it affect the story at all?’ or ‘Should it affect the writing?’ I think that making sure that Captain Marvel is not somebody who is a hero in SPITE of her femininity is important. She’s a very strong character and her being a woman is part of that strength. I will say that there are certain tropes you can get away without having to examine too much if you’re not writing the first female Marvel Studios lead; that could be read into a lot or that could diminish hero own proactivity, strength, and independence. There are things you wouldn’t think twice about Iron Man but you would think twice about for Captain Marvel.”

Captain Marvel is tentatively on course to arrive in early 2019. If speculation holds true, we could see Brie Larson make her debut as Carol Danvers in Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers: Infinity War. The jury’s still out on that one, but we’ll find out for sure when the ensemble movie opens on May 4th, 2018.