Shang-Chi Will Reportedly Meet With [SPOILERS] During Post-Credits Scene

shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten rings

Just days away from the release of Marvel’s latest film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, not only has the film’s entire plot allegedly been leaked but also has the pair of post-credit scenes attached to the film.

These two scenes are vastly different in scope and set up both what is next for Shang-Chi and for the rest of the cast in the MCU as a whole.

The information was first posted to Reddit by a moderator on the Marvel Studios Spoilers SubReddit. The first of the scenes detailed is a post-credit scene, an obvious spoiler warning for those who continue reading on.

According to the supposed leak, the mid-credit scene will see Shang-Chi meet with Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner at the Sanctum using the hologram technology that The Avengers gathered using at the beginning of Endgame.

“[T]hey talk about the Ten Rings as a power just showing up and how there’s other things in the universe they must not know about. They also mention that there’s something in the Ten Rings acting as a beacon sending a signal. When Katy and Shang ask where it’s sending to, Cap Marvel gets a message and she and Bruce leave. Bruce is also still wearing a sling. Wong basically says to them “welcome to the team” and it ends with the three of them going to karaoke and singing Hotel California.”

The trailer at the end of the credit roll has more to do with the scope of the next Shang-Chi movie and begins with the sister in her room.

“[S]omeone says ‘they’re here’ she walks out, she’s taken over her dad’s palace, the 10 rings banner is now reddish, her gang is around her while she sits on the throne. zooms out and people are training and the base now has some graffiti, etc showing the new leader. ‘THE TEN RINGS WILL RETURN’”

Obviously, these are not confirmed as the film hasn’t yet been released in theatres, however, it would line up with rumors that have been circulating over the last few weeks. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings launches on September 3rd, 2021.