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She-Hulk Will Reportedly Fight One Of The Avengers In The MCU

She-Hulk will reportedly battle one of her New Avengers teammates when they first meet, and it should make for an entertaining match.


She-Hulk is set to smash her way into the MCU in the near future thanks to her very own Disney Plus TV series. Given the newfound interconnectivity between Marvel’s shows and their movies, Jennifer Walters is expected to crossover onto the big screen following her live-action debut and no doubt fans are hoping that Bruce Banner’s equally-emerald cousin will be the key ingredient in the formation of the A-Force all-female super-team in the franchise.

In true superhero tradition, though, it appears that the heroines of the MCU will come to blows before they fight side by side. According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us She-Hulk was on its way to Disney Plus many months before it was announced, not to mention that Taskmaster would be in Black Widow and the Guardians will cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder – She-Hulk and Captain Marvel will battle it out at some point.

According to what we’re hearing, Jennifer and Carol Danvers will first encounter each other in either Captain Marvel 2 or the New Avengers movie – apparently, it’s still undecided – and they’ll soon fight it out as they don’t get along at first and Jennifer eventually loses control of her powers, leading to Carol having to calm her down. Of course, they’ll soon get over it and become firm allies and as fans will know, we’ve seen this sort of rivalry-turned-friendship several times before in the MCU, like Iron Man, Cap and Thor’s tussle in The Avengers.

Presumably, this concept is inspired by the most recent Captain Marvel comic book run. In issue 15, released in February, Carol is forced to fight her fellow Avengers – long story – and the only one she has trouble with is a super-hulked out She-Hulk. So, it seems we might see another version of this fight, in a different context, play out in the movies.

Of course, Marvel has still yet to reveal who will play the MCU’s She-Hulk. Alison Brie was linked a couple of months back, but the trail has gone cold of late. While we wait for some news, though, tell us, do you like the sounds of this battle unfolding at some point? Have your say in the comments below.

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