Sheriff’s Deputies Respond To Area 51 Storming Attempt


Despite warnings from the FBI and the Air Force, there were still people who showed up at Area 51 today to try to raid the top-secret government facility. Around 75 individuals attempted to storm the area from the Amargosa Valley overnight, prompting Sheriff’s deputies to arrive at the scene in order to dispatch them. Thankfully, though, this was much less than the 1.5 million or so who originally committed to the event.

The police showed up to the location on Route 373 around 3 am in order to scare off the ambitious truth-seekers and the ordeal ended peacefully without any arrests or violence, much to the disappointment of anyone who placed bets on a higher number of people getting taken away in handcuffs.

When the cops first made their presence known, they found a few dozen people planning to force their way into the legendary buildings. The amateur alien rescuers initially scattered upon request from the deputies, but then split up into separate groups as they attempted to bum-rush two different gates. Again, their efforts were thwarted by the police and they eventually gave up their pursuit.

The little joke made on Facebook earlier this summer caught the attention of everyone from the federal government to superstar chef Guy Fieri. While the original minds behind the ridiculous idea have since tried to shift the raid into an alien-themed festival many miles away, there are still morons out there who think it’s a good idea to risk their lives and freedom to try to get a glimpse of whatever’s behind those heavily guarded walls.

Two people have already been arrested in connection to the ill-fated Area 51 raid and though the day is still young, cops have to be hoping that this is the last time they’ll have to deal with any more dummies trying to break in.