Sherlock Holmes 3 Now Casting Lead Villain, Will Be A Captain Of Industry

Sherlock Holmes

It’s been a decade since Robert Downey Jr. last played the Great Detective, but with his Marvel career as Iron Man behind him, he’s gearing up to return to the iconic role for Sherlock Holmes 3We’ve heard conflicting things on whether the threequel is actually coming soon or not, but the latest word on the topic suggest that it is, and it’s looking like the filmmakers are in the midst of searching for the movie’s main villain.

Insider Daniel Richtman has shared that casting is underway for SH3‘s primary antagonist, with the tipster revealing that this character will be “a captain of industry” type of villain. What’s more, he confirms that the threequel will be set in America, promising another switch-up of the setting after 2009’s Sherlock Holmes was based in London and 2011’s Game of Shadows saw Downey Jr.’s Holmes trek across mainland Europe.

Richtman’s intel adds up with info that’s previously come to light about the film and it’s believed that this villain will be an original creation for the screen and not drawn from the classic stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This is the second time the franchise has done this, too, after Mark Strong’s Lord Blackwood in the 2009 movie. In contrast, GoS featured Jared Harris as Holmes’ age-old nemesis, Professor Moriarty.

Jude Law is obviously set to return as Doctor Watson, although director Guy Ritchie won’t be involved with this one. Instead, Rocket Man‘s Dexter Fletcher is stepping in to helm. Fletcher said last year that the threequel had been put on “the backburner,” but it looks like WB has again turned up the heat on it. Remember, Downey Jr. is looking to massively expand the franchise, which he’s dubbing the Mystery-verse, after the film comes out.

Sherlock Holmes 3 doesn’t have a production start date or a release date that we know of, but fingers crossed that some announcements could be made soon if casting really is underway.