Shia LaBeouf Might Be Returning To Transformers

Optimus Prime Transformers

Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise may not have found a lot of love with critics, but the films did do massive business at the box office before earnings fell off a cliff with fifth installment The Last Knight, which earned over half a billion dollars less than immediate predecessors Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction, proving that eventually people will tire of paying their hard-earned money to see terrible movies.

That being said, there are very few folks who seem to dislike the Transformers series as much as Shia LaBeouf, and he played the main character in the first three outings. Having sworn off blockbusters for the last decade after becoming disenfranchised with the direction his career was heading in, the 34 year-old has since reinvented himself as one of the most committed and dedicated actors in the business.

However, there are now rumors that LaBeouf could possibly be returning for a future Transformers project, despite The Last Knight implying his Sam Witwicky was dead, not to mention his general disdain for the franchise in general. Noted tipster Daniel Richtman – who has a solid track record and is often correct about these things – has teased in a series of recent tweets that something is potentially in the works with Shia. Even fellow tipster Charles Murphy, who’s also pretty reliable, got in on the fun.

Although Richtman is one of the more trusted Twitter users when it comes to insider information on big Hollywood projects, Shia LaBeouf rejoining Transformers still seems a bit unlikely, with the American Honey star previously labeling his time as part of the franchise as irrelevant, dated and creatively unfulfilling. If it happens, though, then the studio must either have an incredible story in the works or they’ve got a truckload of cash at their disposal to tempt him to reprise a role that he’s done nothing but criticize for the last ten years.

In any case, we’ll have to wait and see if Richtman’s latest tweets amount to anything. But in the meantime, tell us, would you like to see Shia return? Sound off down below.