Here’s How Shia LaBeouf Could Look As The MCU’s Wolverine

The Wolverine-Hugh-Jackman

Since Disney took ownership of Wolverine as part of their Fox buyout last year, the future of the character has been up in the air. At the moment, Hugh Jackman remains steadfast in his refusal to return even for a cameo (though the studio are reportedly trying with everything they’ve got to change his mind). But just because Jackman is done doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of the character.

It’s been a subject of speculation ever since Logan as to who will succeed him as cinema’s second Wolvie. Admittedly, some fan picks are more likely than others and this particularly left-field suggestion falls firmly into the “others” category. As you can see below, this piece of fan art imagines what Shia LaBeouf, yes, Shia LaBeouf, would look like with the famous claws.

Fans can have their fantasies, too, alright? Especially fantasies that no one else shares. Boy does that sound dangerously close to paraphilia. Anyway, I can say with a fair degree of confidence that this casting concept won’t be realized. But it’s still nice to see someone try.

Few superheroes come to be dominated by one actor in the way Hugh Jackman dominates our perception of Wolverine. Between 2000 and 2017, he brought the character to life in extraordinary fashion and unlike other popular heroes like Batman or Spider-Man, cinema hasn’t yet cycled through Wolverine reboots with newer versions of him. Whoever fronts the first post-Jackman X-Men movie will have a long shadow to shake off, that’s for sure.

Got any thoughts of your own on this X-Cellent fan art? Drop a comment below. You could even say Shia LaBeouf has been transformed. Hmm. Can’t think of anymore puns. That usually means it’s time to wrap up.