Shudder: The Streaming Service That Horror Fans Deserve


As of now, Shudder’s Beta form can be viewed on desktops, iOS and Android platforms, and there’s thankfully a Roku capability that brings Shudder to your television. That’s the only drawback as of now, since I can pop my PlayStation 4 on and stream something off of Netflix with little hassle, but it’s only a matter of time before Shudder leaves its Beta phase and takes over the world. Plus, there’s always ways around technological constraints (display your computer screen on your television via a cable, log into the internet via your smart TV), which will permit their righteous horror to infect any media device you may own.

The difference between Shudder and Netflix is that Shudder weeds through the crap for you. Netflix’s horror section boasts many titles you can stream at this very moment, but there’s a lot of garbage that isn’t even worth a 5-minute trial run. We’re not talking D-grade horror – we’re talking Z-grade ripoffs that were filmed in some dude’s backyard for twenty buck and a Snickers bar. A lot of Netflix’s worthy watches have already been acquired by Shudder – with more being added every day – while the imitators are left in the bargain bin where they belong. Shudder isn’t bringing in horror movies just to bolster overall numbers, but instead is building a catalog that could serve as a perfect tutorial for fresher faces seeking guidance and calculated recommendations.

Need more convincing? Easy – here are my top ten movies that currently are on Shudder, yet AREN’T on Netflix:

Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon – Part mockumentary/part meta slasher awesomeness.
Deep Red – My personal favorite Argento movie.
Dream Home – How far would you go to own your dream apartment? Not as far as this film’s main character I bet.
Excision – Twisted body horror piece with some seriously dark comedy.
Kill List – Ben Wheatley’s impressive assassination-gone-wrong mindf#ck.
Murder Party – Jeremy Saulnier’s hilarious debut about a party based around murder.
Severance – “Another bloody office outing.” The tag line says it all.
Stitches – Comedian Ross Noble plays an undead clown hellbent on killing the children who accidentally caused his death.
Tokyo Gore Police – WTF. This movie is all the WTF.

No too shabby, eh? Shudder’s collection is deep, deadly, and expertly crafted, much like the finely-tuned collections that cover a vast array of subgenres. I find myself continually drawn to A-Horror’s insane over-seas insanity, Into The Wild’s outdoorsy terror, and the goofy guffaws that await in Comedy Of Terrors, but maybe you’re more of a Gross Anatomy experimenter? Or an Alien Intruders believer? Whatever you’re in the mood for, Shudder has a suggestion, and it’ll probably blow your ‘effing mind.

The margin for error is far slighter than Netflix’s shot-in-the-dark gamble, and while some might not be impressed by the overall number of Shudder’s entirely serviceable listing at this early stage, again, please remember that Shudder is a very young company, and it’s only in Beta mode. That catalog is going to grow into a gruesome behemoth comprised of the best horror has to offer, and soon enough it’ll be something every horror fan wants a part of.

Don’t just listen to me though – hear it right form the zombified horse’s mouth! Sam Zimmerman was nice enough to answer a few of the questions I had about Shudder (with Colin’s stamp of approval), as he helps explain why horror fans should be snatching up their subscription as soon as possible.

Up next you can read how Shudder hopes to become a household name for horror fans, and why they most certainly will some day soon.