The Simpsons Set To Cross Over With Star Wars In New Short Film

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Thanks to the Fox merger, The Simpsons and Star Wars both fall under the Disney banner now, which means that the studio can treat us to a unique crossover event this May 4th. Sure enough, as part of a rollout of unmissable content for Star Wars Day, this Tuesday will see the debut of Maggie Simpson in The Force Awakens From Its Nap, a short film starring the family’s youngest member, Maggie, which will spoof that galaxy far, far away.

The first poster for the short dropped today alongside the announcement and Star Wars fans will love it, as it manages to feature references to all three movie trilogies. First of all, the composition is a nod to the classic one-sheet for A New Hope, with Maggie in the Luke Skywalker position. Meanwhile, her nemesis Baby Gerald is in Darth Maul cosplay behind her and we’ve also got BB-8 by her side. And then in the background, there’s a Death Star with three finger holes like a bowling ball.

Of course, Star Wars parodies are nothing new to The Simpsons – fellow Fox animation Family Guy is even more famous for parodying the franchise – but this is the first time either show has pulled off an official crossover. It could well be the first of many more similar projects to come, too, as Matt Groening’s iconic series becomes more integrated into the Disney family.

Following 2012’s Oscar-nominated The Longest Daycare and 2020’s Playdate with DestinyThe Force Awakens From Its Nap is the third Maggie Simpson short film overall and the second to be made since the Disney takeover. It seems possible that everyone’s favorite spiky-headed toddler could continue to get her own short every year, then. Though this Star Wars crossover might prove hard to top.

Don’t miss it on Disney Plus from tomorrow, which also brings the debut of the The Bad Batch‘s series premiere.