Simu Liu, Kumail Nanjiani And Barry Keoghan Bond Over Their Marvel Dreams Coming True

Everyone wants to be a superhero, but very few are lucky enough to actually become one by getting cast in a Marvel or DC movie. But what’s the secret to making that dream come true? Well, apparently putting it out there on Twitter really helps. By now, every Marvel fan is aware that Simu Liu voiced his interest in playing Shang-Chi on social media before he officially got the part. Well, it turns out Eternals star Barry Keoghan did some similar.

Keoghan just joined the MCU as Druig, one of the titular Eternals, but it seems this has been a major ambition of his for at least the past eight years. An old tweet of the Irish actor’s from 2013 is resurfacing as it sees him asking the much-missed Stan Lee “Please Make me a SuperHero :)”. Hilariously, Liu responded to the tweet, writing: “So you too, huh.”

But, wait, it gets better. Fellow Eternals cast member Kumail Nanjiani then waded into the chat by revealing that he manifested his love of Marvel way before he joined the MCU, too — by sharing a photo of himself with the one and only Stan Lee at Comic-Con.

Keoghan and Nanjiani have made a big impact on the fans as Druig and Kingo, with the Marvel faithful loving Druig’s chemistry with Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) and Kingo’s dynamic with his valet Karun (Harish Patel), in particular. The good news is that we’ll hopefully see more of both of them in the franchise as Eternals teases their return in its final scenes. That’s only fair given that we now know that the pair have been wanting to be part of the Marvel universe for years.

Simu Liu, meanwhile, can be seen in his own MCU debut, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which is streaming on Disney Plus globally as of yesterday.