6 Horror Movies That Are Based On Real-Life Events


As the 2016 Presidential Election campaign has demonstrated, there are few things scarier than real life. Every year sees the release of new horror films, with each trying to out-match those that have gone before, with more jump-scares, more creepiness, and even more frightening villains. But, there is a certain comfort to be found in the fact that these films are a work of fiction – and we can stop the horror at any time with the flick of a switch.

But, not all horror movies are conceived that way. Many take their inspiration from real-life events – and that is what makes these films truly terrifying. Because, while we’re watching these disturbing events unfold – played out by professional actors, with special effects and screenwriters – there is always the knowledge that there are people in the world to whom this very thing happened and sometimes, that’s the scariest thing of all.

Here, we revisit six horror films that are based on real-life stories. We’ve got serial killers, demonic possessions, blood-thirsty reptiles, spooky creatures and even zombies. Most of all, though, we’ve got lots and lots of chilling tales.