Solo: A Star Wars Story Star Being Eyed For MCU’s Cyclops


One of the key questions surrounding the new MCU take on the X-Men franchise is who Disney will cast in the key roles. We’ve already seen various reports of actors up for parts like Professor X and Magneto, to name a few, and now it appears that we’re closer to getting news of Cyclops’ casting.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us that Tom Welling was returning for “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and that the Mouse House was developing an Aladdin sequel, both of which were confirmed – Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s Alden Ehrenreich is one of the names on the wishlist for the role, which if it pans out, would represent some great casting. At least, in our opinion.

During the Fox X-Men years, James Marsden was the principal actor for Scott Summers and Cyclops, with Tye Sheridan also taking on a younger version of the character for X-Men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix. Marsden is keen to return to the part, although given Disney’s gradual rebooting of the property, going back to familiar faces would seem like an unusual choice.

Indeed, the Avengers: Endgame writers have particularly shown a desire to do more justice to Summers, which should involve a new actor. While Disney and Marvel don’t appear to have ruled out Hugh Jackman being carried over as Wolverine, the only pre-MCU star that’ll probably be kept is Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

Earlier this year, we saw Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles imagined as a new Cyclops via some fan art, but otherwise, there’s been very little in terms of casting news. Of course, the X-Men’s debut in the MCU is still far away and probably won’t take place until Phases 5 or 6. For now, though, Ehrenreich seems as good a choice as anyone else to join the franchise, given his relationship to Disney through Solo: A Star Wars Story, and certainly has the presence to make Summers a key part of the X-Men.

Signing on Ehrenreich to the franchise could also make sense logistically, given the actor’s surprisingly quiet activity since Solo: A Star Wars Story, with only a role in upcoming Peacock streaming show Brave New World currently on his schedule.

What do you think of Alden Ehrenreich as the next Cyclops, though? As ever, share your thoughts down below and stay tuned for more.