Solo: A Star Wars Story Toys Show Off The Film’s Characters


UPDATE: These images have been removed at the request of LEGO.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is due to hit theaters in May, and not only have we not seen any footage from the Anthology film, but we also haven’t even seen so much as an official image. Should we be worried? In most cases, we’d say yes, but Lucasfilm has been on a roll lately and have given us no reason to doubt them yet. True, the reports about all the behind the scenes troubles on Solo are concerning, but we’ll continue to remain cautiously optimistic.

And so, as we wait for something – anything! – official to surface from the studio, we’ll have to make do with the numerous toy leaks we’ve been seeing. Speaking of which, earlier this week, a few LEGO sets hit the web, revealing the original Millennium Falcon – long before the famous freighter lost its circular radar dish during the Battle of Endor – and an old-school Stormtrooper, which appeared to be a mix of the classic ‘trooper and those Imperial Scouts famous for zipping around Endor on their prolonged speeder bikes.

Now, the leaks continue, as a few more sets have surfaced and they provide us with quite a lot to dig into. The big highlight with these ones is the new looks at all the film’s characters we get. From Alden Ehrenreich’s titular lead to Emilia Clarke’s Qi’Ra, from Woody Harrelson’s Beckett to Chewie and Lando, almost all the major players are showcased here along with some of Solo‘s creatures, droids and more. Again, there’s a lot to comb through, so have at it!

Pretty cool, eh? Of course, this is hardly as good as getting our hands on some official marketing material straight from Lucasfilm, but with the studio keeping suspiciously quiet on when they’ll start releasing that, we’ll take what we can get. And these LEGO sets are definitely helping to whet our appetite for the pic, giving us at least some sort of idea of what we can expect from the much anticipated spinoff.

Solo: A Star Wars Story has previously been compared to an old-school Western, albeit with blasters and a certain Millennium Falcon. And though The Last Jedi is currently dominating theaters the world over, we only have a handful of months to go now before the next Star Wars movie arrives. And isn’t that exciting?