Woody Harrelson And Emilia Clarke’s Characters’ Names In Solo: A Star Wars Story Revealed


Ever since she was added to the cast last year, fans have been eagerly awaiting any reveals about Emilia Clarke’s mystery role in Solo: A Star Wars: Story. The Game of Thrones actress has made sure to choose her words carefully in interviews, with practically the only comment she’s said about the character being: “All I can say is that she’s awesome.” Now, however, we might’ve just discovered not only her name, but the name of Woody Harrelson, Thandie Newton and Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s characters, too.

As is often the case, this scoop comes to us from a LEGO set that was recently outed. The studio has yet to comment on it, of course, but the information here does line up with what we’ve heard in the past and for the time being, we’ll assume it’s on the level. So, ready to find out who everyone’s playing? Good, then let’s get to it.

According to the LEGO set, Harrelson will be portraying Tobias Beckett, Clarke will be stepping into the shoes of Qi’Ra, Newton will bring Quay Tolsite to life and finally, Waller-Bridge will lend her voice to DD-BD, the film’s female droid. No further details were revealed on these characters, but again, it falls in line with what’s already been floated around. For instance, Harrelson confirmed a while back that he was playing someone named Beckett, while Clarke was thought to be playing Kira – though we now know the spelling will be a bit more Star Wars-y.

Hopefully, at least some of the above info will be confirmed in the upcoming trailer, in which we’ll finally get an idea of the angle Disney/Lucasfilm and Ron Howard have taken with the production. I still hold out some faith that the movie is going to be good (partially because I don’t think I could deal with an objectively crappy Star Wars pic – and no, Caravan of Courage doesn’t count). That said, recent history indicates that extensive reshoots and changing directors mid-shoot doesn’t lead to great results, so we’ll have to see how things turn out.

Solo: A Star Wars Story has been penciled in for release on May 25th, and will surely be ready to unveil its inaugural teaser in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more.