Some ‘Star Wars’ fans prefer ‘Solo’ to ‘Rogue One,’ and that’s okay

Solo: A Star Wars Story Hi-Res Photo

For most Star Wars fans, there’s little debate about which Disney-era movie is best. 2016’s Rogue One captures the original trilogy vibe almost perfectly, and nicely sets up the events of the original trilogy, with its tale of desperate and doomed Rebels struggling to retrieve the Death Star plans making for a tense blockbuster ride.

But it’s not a unanimous consensus, and there’s still some love out there for the much-maligned Solo: A Star Wars Story. This had a turbulent production, disappointed at the box office, and Lucasfilm apparently has no intention of following up on its dangling story threads.

Now one fan has stuck their head over the parapet to express some love… and the fanbase is remarkably chill about it.

The replies show that Star Wars fans are more than accepting of a difference in opinions, though that might change if someone brings up The Last Jedi). Replies say they’re not like the judgmental The Lord of the Rings fanbase, and this difference of opinion is welcome:

Others assure the poster to never feel guilty about enjoying something:

And that being able to “respectfully” disagree is what makes a fandom work:

Many fans are still frustrated that we may never see the twist ending of Darth Maul’s leadership of Crimson Dawn pay off. At the time, it seemed as if Disney and Lucasfilm were setting up sequels showing Han Solo’s adventures prior to the original trilogy, though the box office disappointment and tepid reviews put a stop to both that, and plans to release a new Star Wars movie every year.

We haven’t even seen any nods to Solo in the Disney Plus shows, despite many feeling like the crime-focused story of The Book of Boba Fett would have been the perfect opportunity to resolve what happened with the Crimson Dawn.

Maybe the Solo fans out there will get some resolution to the story some day, but for now, a few short scenes in various Star Wars comics will have to suffice. Either way, it’s nice to know that fans won’t bite someone’s head off for expressing a difference in opinion.