Here’s How Knuckles Could Look In The Sonic The Hedgehog Sequel

Sonic the Hedgehog

Something incredibly strange is afoot in the world of cinema right now. Not only did Hollywood seemingly achieve the impossible last year by delivering arguably the first good video game adaptation ever in the form of Detective Pikachu, but it has managed to turn the achievement into something of a trend.

Paramount’s Sonic The Hedgehog, despite getting off to a rocky start thanks to, let’s be honest, a heinous initial interpretation of Sega’s beloved mascot, has since proven to be something of a box office success. Critical reactions remain mixed, of course, though as was the case for The Pokémon Company’s first foray into live-action, audiences have been markedly more receptive to Sonic’s big-screen debut, acceptance that’s ultimately translated to massive commercial success.

That being the case, it goes without saying that Paramount will already be contemplating a potential sequel which, if certain post-credits scenes in the current release are anything to go by, is all but guaranteed. One character fans should likely expect to see in future installments, then, is Knuckles. As both a longtime friend and rival of Sonic’s, the character has plenty of fans, not least Rafael Grassetti, who has provided his own interpretation of how the echidna could look in live-action.

This isn’t the first time Grassetti has exercised his talents to imagine how video game stars could look in cinema. Not too long ago, the artist shared their own interpretation of what a live-action movie based on Nintendo’s Star Fox franchise could look. You can check out that equally impressive creation over here or click the link below to head on over to Grassetti’s portfolio.

Sonic The Hedgehog is available now in theaters worldwide barring China, which has delayed the film’s release as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.