Sources Say Things Are About To Get Crazy For MCU Fans


MCU fans have been clinging on to the hope all month that we’d be getting the first trailer for Avengers 4 in November, but with December almost here it seems that won’t be the case. However, it sounds like the agonizing wait will prove worth it as sources say that things are about to get “crazy” for Marvel lovers.

MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad attended An Evening With The Russo Brothers in Hollywood yesterday, a Q&A event that left those lucky enough to be there with a unique insight into the making of Avengers: Infinity War. Conrad diligently shared several interesting bits and pieces from the evening on social media, but when it was all over, he left us with this hell of a tease:

“It’s about to get crazy if you’re a MCU fan,” he tweeted, promising that what’s coming has left him in a state of shock. “You have no idea what’s coming very soon. I’m still in disbelief.”

As we know that the Russo event forbade any fans from asking questions about A4 or its trailer, we can surmise that Conrad, who regularly shares leaked info on the MCU, has found out something juicy about the future of the franchise that he’s deciding not to reveal yet.

Daniel R of SuperBroMovies posted a cryptic message as well in response to Conrad, consisting of some shocked emojis followed by a zipped-mouth and “ssh” emoji that suggest he knows what’s going on but has to keep quiet for the moment. Conrad retweeted these, too, indicating that they’re talking about the same intel.

But what scoop could the pair be sitting on? Well, going by Conrad’s namecheck of the MCU rather than Avengers 4, we can assume that it refers to something pertinent to the whole cinematic universe. A few fans in the replies on Twitter have suggested it could be the full line-up of movies coming in Phase Four. That’s certainly possible, as while we do know of most of the projects on the way, like Black Widow and Eternals, there could still be some surprises Marvel have up their sleeves. Time will tell, of course, but you can definitely color us intrigued for now.