Space Jam: A New Legacy Fans Furious That Pepé Le Pew Isn’t In The Trailer

Space Jam: A New Legacy

The first trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy finally dropped today, with the internet raving over the initial glimpse at the sequel that’s been 25 years in the making. Indeed, fans can’t wait to see LeBron James step into Michael Jordan’s sneakers and team up with Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Tune Squad. Well, everyone except Pepé Le Pew, that is, who’s been removed from all further media appearances following an online controversy about him that erupted earlier this year.

A New York Times piece blasted the amorous French skunk for normalizing “rape culture,” something that led to a lot of discussion on the web about the nature of the cartoon character. He won’t be in A New Legacy, then, as it’s now felt that it’s inappropriate to feature Pepé in family-friendly content. And maybe that’s something that fans could accept, if it weren’t for the fact that much more mature and adult characters will be appearing in the film in his place.

New Legacy will expand on the premise of the original and showcase James and his toon buddies travelling through the Warner Bros. multiverse, encountering various familiar faces from across the studio’s library along the way. We get a glimpse at some of them in the trailer, too, and one of the weirdest additions is the Droogs, the gang of thugs from Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. 

Looney Tunes Pepe Le Pew

Understandably, a lot of people are not letting this weird discrepancy go and are pointing out how ridiculous the whole situation is, as you can see below:

Don’t forget that Game of Thrones is referenced a few times in the trailer as well.

And Pennywise the Clown is also glimpsed.

Some folks are blasting Warner Bros. over the decision.

And others are just plain lost over the whole concept of the movie.

The tragic thing is that Pepé being cancelled is depriving the Tune Squad of one of their key players. After all, in 1996’s Space Jam, the skunk’s stink is a major weapon against the MonStars.

Expect Space Jam: A New Legacy – sans Pepé Le Pew but with added Droogs – in theaters and on HBO Max from July 16th.