Spawn Reboot Will Reportedly Kickstart A Cinematic Universe


The entire development process of the Spawn reboot so far has been defined by a severe lack of forward momentum, something creator Todd MacFarlane is very keenly aware of. After all, the vast majority of information surrounding the project has come directly from the horse’s mouth, and yet there’s still nothing tangible to show for it.

We’re in exactly the same position we were in this time last year, with Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner the only talent officially attached to the project. MacFarlane has admitted previously that the longer he continues to talk up Spawn without having anything to back it up, the less likely people are to take his words at face value, and he’s absolutely right.

Instead of teasing things that are set to happen imminently as he’s done numerous times before, then, MacFarlane’s most recent comments were at least of a much less urgent nature, when he admitted that he hopes to deliver some big news around the middle of this year. Presumably, it’s going to be along the lines of a start date for production, with Blumhouse head honcho and producer Jason Blum also reaffirming his commitment to the comic book adaptation more than once.

As we wait for more updates to arrive, insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Spawn is intended to kick off an entire cinematic universe, yet the tipster offers up no additional information or details. That being said, you can say that about virtually every property with a built-in fanbase and you’ll be close enough to the truth in some fashion, and it’s not like Blumhouse will be going to all this effort with the cult favorite superhero only to leave it as a one and done enterprise, no matter how long it’s taking to get the first installment to the big screen.