10 Spider-Man Stories That Marvel Should Use In The Reboot


One thing we can always guarantee for comic book movies is that there will never be a shortage of inspiring source material available. With more than fifty years worth of history and heritage out there for some of the world’s most successful super heroes, there’s really no excuse for choosing a poor story in a comic book film.

Or, at least you’d think so. Sadly, it appears that a few creative teams have chosen not to follow the already perfect blueprints that are so readily available to them, and have chosen to plot their superhero movies with tales further from the beaten track.


Don’t they know how dangerous it is to wander off alone out there?!?!

Anyway, since Marvel’s most popular hero has somehow been unfortunate enough to fall foul of such a trap a few times in his big-screen past, we’ve put together a handy list of ten comic book stories that would be perfect for a new Spider-Man movie. Here’s hoping that one or two of these may just make their way to Hollywood so we can all forget what Sony wanted to do with Marvel’s prodigal son in The Amazing Spider-Man 3