10 Spider-Man Stories That Marvel Should Use In The Reboot


10) Spider-Island

ASM Spider-Island

Talk about kicking things off with a bang!

Written by current Spidey author Dan Slott, Spider-Island was one of the biggest events in the Wall-Crawler’s most recent decade. In short, virtually all of New York’s residents find themselves exhibiting spider powers just like Peter’s, thanks to a dastardly ploy by The Jackal.

While this all sounds enormously fun at first, the evolving stages of Jackal’s plan involve the infected civilians eventually transforming completely into gigantic spiders to serve under the rule of a devilish Spider Queen. Through the course of the story, Spider-Man has to call on all of his experience and instinct – along with the help of The Avengers and other heroes – to defeat the Queen and reverse Jackal’s work.

What makes this story so great is the simplicity it takes to its grand scale; it’s a huge story that covers practically all of Marvel’s hero roster but it never feels too overblown or out of control. It would be an incredible story to see played out on the big-screen as well, especially now that accompanying heroes from The Avengers could be drafted in as well.

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