‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ trailer shows MCU New York’s insane Steve Rogers memorial

captain america avengers endgame

After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are beloved by the entire MCU. While the public doesn’t know the exact details, it seems to be commonly accepted that both men sacrificed themselves to defeat Thanos and undo the Snap. Post-Endgame movies have shown a variety of tributes to the pair, though the new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer indicates that New York City may have gone a little too far with theirs.

The big finale of No Way Home appears to be set on Liberty Island and around the Statue of Liberty – though she’s undergoing an eyebrow-raising renovation. Whereas she was once holding a torch welcoming immigrants to Ellis Island and symbolizing the U.S.A.’s ideals of progress and enlightenment, she’s now holding aloft Captain America’s distinctive shield.

We saw the symbolic power of Cap’s shield in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, though regardless of that, this new look means the MCU’s Statue of Liberty is now sending a message that people should stay out and that America is protecting its borders.

I doubt this is something Steve Rogers would agree with, so fingers crossed No Way Home addresses whether this is a good idea. After all, you can’t simply alter iconic national monuments without causing controversy. But hey, maybe it’s a rare bit of actual political commentary from Marvel Studios?

Fortunately, there’s evidence this may be a temporary installation. Later in the trailer, we can see that the torch is still present, albeit covered up by the giant replica of Cap’s shield. Whatever the case, one of my favorite things about the MCU is seeing the reactions to superheroes and how the public perceives them, and what bigger way than this?

Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into theaters on December 17.