Watch: Spider-Man 3 Promo Reveals The Film’s Official Title

Spider-Man 3

When Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon and Zendaya all made social media posts that teased three different titles for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man 3, fans instantly knew something was up. The coordinated trolling attempt surely meant there was some big news arriving imminently, and that news is the official moniker of the movie being revealed as Spider-Man: No Way Home, as you can see in the promo above.

Based on the naming system used by Homecoming and Far From Home, we’ve known at least one word from the subtitle since the very beginning, but it’s a pretty common word, so dozens of potential names were being thrown around. Of course, because the web-slinging threequel has already been the subject of more rumors and speculation than any other comic book blockbuster in recent memory, No Way Home is only going to open itself up to a thousand more theories.

The most obvious is that we’ll see Peter Parker trapped in the multiverse, although that does seem a little too on the nose. In any case, the leading man has already called his third solo outing the single most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever made, and most recently claimed that it has the best fight scene he’s ever seen in a Marvel Studios project, so no pressure.

Spider-Man: No Way Home only makes it that much more inevitable that we’re going to watch the title hero traverse through multiple realities, two of which will be home to Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s respective Spideys. And now that we’ve got an official subtitle and the first couple of images, the whispers are only going to grow louder, with the next item on the agenda surely being some footage for us to wrap our eyeballs around.