Spider-Man And Daredevil Come Face To Face In Awesome MCU Fan Art

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man and Daredevil‘s occasional partnership in the comics universe is legendary, and fans have been wanting to see this brought to the screen ever since the webhead and the hornhead were introduced into the MCU a few years ago. Unfortunately, with Matt Murdock dwelling on the Defenders side of things, that wasn’t possible. With the Netflix show long cancelled, though, there’s renewed hope that Marvel will finally make it happen in the near future.

And, until we see it for real, fan artists will keep on imagining what it would be like. Take this awesome piece from Instagram user Mizuri, for example. The artwork sees the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen locked in a staring contest with Queens’ friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. In his caption, Mizuri explains that he was inspired by filmmaker and uberfan Kevin Smith’s recent chat about hearing a rumor that Murdock could appear in Spider-Man 3

Last month, Smith spoke on his podcast about Daredevil potentially appearing in Tom Holland’s next cinematic outing as the wall-crawler, though he later clarified that this is something he’s picked up online and not based on his insider info. It’s possible that Smith got wind of We Got This Covered’s own report on the topic, after our sources informed us that there’s a good chance Charlie Cox could serve as Peter Parker’s lawyer in Spider-Man 3.

If that’s the case, this would be one part of the character’s triumphant comeback to the MCU, with Marvel also reportedly planning on having him pop up other places, too. Maybe even in a revival of his own TV series, with the original cast returning alongside Cox. The studio officially gets the all clear to work with the Defenders again, following two years since Netflix cancelled their shows, this November. So, more news should come our way as we near the fall.