Daredevil Might Be Revived On FX With Original Stars Returning


Marvel fans were crushed when Netflix unceremoniously dumped all the Defenders series late last year/earlier this year. Since then, we’ve been clinging on to any scrap of info that comes our way about the future of Daredevil and company in the MCU. Most signs point to Marvel rebooting the characters once they get the rights back from Netflix in a couple of years and according to our own intel, the shows could be relaunched on FX.

While it still remains to be seen what’ll happen, Cosmic Book News has now shared a new rumor on the series which again claims that FX will be the home for the Defenders in time. However, they say that the original actors could reprise their Netflix roles, after all. The plan is supposedly to air the shows on FX to start with, as its reputation for gritty, mature dramas makes it a better home than Disney Plus, and then stream them on Hulu.

CBN adds that this is in contrast to what’s been reported previously but apparently, what’s precipitated this change is that Marvel Studios and Marvel Television – who never previously worked together – have apparently finally put aside their differences, which is why the latter may be allowed to continue the Netflix series as they were on a new platform. What with this newfound partnership, Kevin Feige is said to have an overseeing role on the shows going forward.

Though none of this has been confirmed yet, it’d be great news for Daredevil fans if true. As well as for those involved with the series who are fighting for them to return just as much as the fans are. Vincent D’Onofrio has been a vocal supporter of the #SaveDaredevil campaign on social media, for example, and it sounds like if Marvel ever reached out to him about playing Kingpin again, he’d be up for it. And while this all remains filed firmly in the rumor cabinet for now, we’ve got a pretty good feeling that we haven’t seen the last of the Defenders.