Vincent D’Onofrio Says He’s Doing His Best To Save Daredevil


Fans are still reeling from the cancellation of Daredevil late last year, which was soon followed by the end of the rest of Marvel’s Netflix shows. As one of the most popular superhero TV series around, it came as a shock that we weren’t getting any more. And that probably goes double for the cast and crew themselves.

Since the news broke, fans have mobilized and created the #SaveDaredevil campaign, which has supporters around the world trying to get Marvel’s attention. One Daredevil star who’s been a big supporter of the movement is Vincent D’Onofrio, AKA Matt Murdock’s mortal enemy the Kingpin. And maybe, just maybe, he might be getting somewhere.

A #SaveDaredevil advocate tweeted Marvel a heartfelt plea to renew the series and D’Onofrio retweeted the message, adding his own words of encouragement. “I’m doing my best kiddo,” he responded.

It’s great to hear that D’Onofrio is working hard to get Daredevil picked up elsewhere. Unfortunately, though, this is likely a corporate matter that’s not so easy to fix. For one, it was Netflix who cancelled the Defenders shows not Marvel, due to the relationship between the two companies breaking down. As we’ve seen with the recent Sony/Disney split, that’s causing Spider-Man to leave the MCU, these business-related dealings don’t take into account the sway of either fans or the actors involved.

The latest word on the future of the Man Without Fear is pointing to Marvel Studios rebooting the hero, and the rest of the Defenders, this time properly connecting them to the wider MCU.  It’s possible then that he’ll show up in the movies or in a new show on FX. But the fight’s not over yet, of course, so if fans keep pushing and D’Onofrio keeps doing his best, then maybe Charlie Cox and the rest of the Daredevil cast will get the chance to protect Hell’s Kitchen again.