Spider-Man Will Reportedly Get To Fight Kingpin In The MCU


Wilson Fisk may have long since been established as Daredevil’s archenemey, but the Kingpin was first introduced as an antagonist for Spider-Man after making his comic book debut in 1967. As New York’s resident crime boss, he’s regularly battled against the city’s costumed inhabitants over the decades, and on many occasions, the Man Without Fear and the friendly neighborhood web-slinger have been forced to team up in an effort to foil his latest evil scheme.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the rights to Daredevil fall back into the hands of Marvel Studios tomorrow, and fans are desperately trying to gain one last surge of momentum in the hopes that Kevin Feige will pick up the story from where the cancelled Netflix series left off. Of course, there’ve already been plenty of rumors about both Kingpin and Matt Murdock finally crossing over into the MCU, and tipster Mikey Sutton now claims that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is also going to get himself involved.

According to the insider, Feige wants to keep Charlie Cox as Daredevil, and the plan is reportedly for Spidey and the Man Without Fear to join forces against Kingpin at some point in a future film. Star Vincent D’Onofrio has made it clear that he’s got unfinished business with the villain, and even threw his hat into the ring about boarding the ever expanding ensemble of Spider-Man 3, but it remains unclear if he’ll be the actor who brings the character to life when we see him again.

Of course, all signs point to Holland’s third outing under the costume relying heavily on the multiverse to power the plot, and it isn’t like a Daredevil reboot is going to enter development on Monday, so any plans to have the New York City trifecta share the screen will likely be at least a good couple of years away, if not longer. But still, it’s exciting to know that it’s in the works.