Squid Game Viewers Stream Nearly 2 Billion Minutes Of Netflix Show

Netflix’s Squid Game is the critically acclaimed global phenomenon garnering huge volumes of viewers and garnering award nominations that we’re now getting more insights about as to just how much of the South Korean show has been streamed.

The series follows financially destitute people recruited by a shadowy organization into a macabre competition. The 456 contestants are tasked with completing a series of children’s games for a life-changing $38 million. But if they lose, they die.

The show has proved so popular that Netflix even recently said to its shareholders that Squid Game has reached a “mind-boggling” 142 million households, all over the world. In that same letter, the streaming service also said it would be revising the way it will be releasing viewership data to the public, making the figures more transparent and accurate as to the popularity of each show. Specifically, they said they would be measuring engagement by the amount of time each show or movie is viewed.

Following that announcement, the platform now says Squid Game has drawn 1.91 billion minutes of viewing time, according to ScreenRant. Netflix added that the show is estimated to create nearly $900 million in value to the company. In fact, the streaming service has also recently confirmed that the show is their biggest series launch of all time.

The show has proven to be an effective allegory for class inequity and late-stage capitalism that has captured the global cultural zeitgeist, creating trends on social media and surges of interest in Squid Game-related Halloween costumes. You can watch all nine episodes on Netflix now.