6 More Star Wars Anthology Movies We’d Love To See


Young Leia

This is almost a no-brainer in terms of ideas that are guaranteed to provide huge box office, since Leia Organa is the legendary character that kicked the whole thing off in 1977, with her appeal to Obi-Wan Kenobi via R2-D2’s playback facility.

Leia’s story is a fascinating one. Adopted by Senator Bail Prestor Organa and his wife, Breha, Leia was raised on the planet Alderaan, and educated in the politics of the Galactic Republic. It was the politics of her adoptive parents that ultimately guided the adult Leia into a leadership role within the Rebel Alliance, but her early years on Alderaan have never before been explored on the big screen.

There would undoubtedly be substantial interest in a film that features a teenage Leia – getting to grips with her role as politician’s daughter while discovering her own power and motivations – particularly if she were to be played by Millie Bobby Brown. Such a project would be a fitting way to honour this founding character – since plans to have her be the focal point of Episode IX had to be changed in response to the sudden death of Carrie Fisher.

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