New Star Wars Comic Finally Reveals What Happened To Luke’s Lightsaber


There are many mysteries the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy failed to solve, but one of the biggest is the question of how Maz Kanata got hold of Luke Skywalker’s first lightsaber – which once belonged to his father – in order to pass it on to Rey? In The Force Awakens, she said the answer would come at another time, but this time didn’t come in either The Last Jedi or The Rise of Skywalker. Now, however, it appears the answer is on its way in the pages of Marvel’s Star Wars comic.

The rebooted series of tie-in comics takes place after the events of The Empire Strikes Back, with this week’s Star Wars #2 ending on a major cliffhanger. The issue sees Lando Calrissian telling Luke that they should return to Bespin. The reason why is because he knows who has Luke’s lightsaber. We then – kind of – meet this person ourselves via flashback. We learn that, as the weapon tumbled through the air on Cloud City, it was caught by a hooded figure, who imparted these intriguing words: “… Follow your destiny.”

We’ve no idea who this enigmatic individual is, other than that they appear to be a woman. And presumably an ally. They also look very much like they’re wearing Jedi robes. IGN suggests the smart theory though that this may be a Force ghost rather than a living Jedi. Note the blue glow of Cloud City, which could obscure the telltale aura that surrounds a Jedi spirit.

Though we’ve still got plenty of questions right now, then, we can rest assured that subsequent issues will shine a light on how this individual came across the saber and maybe even explain how it was then passed on to Maz, who kept it in a trunk for decades until the galaxy needed defending again.

The good news is that Star Wars #3, written by Charles Soule and with art from Jesus Saiz, should further illuminate this mystery. The bad news is that it’s not out for another month, with the issue releasing on February 26th.

Source: IGN