Carrie Fisher’s Brother Fought For Her To Be In Star Wars: Episode IX


Even in a world without Carrie Fisher, there’s no question that the actress remains synonymous with the role of Leia Organa, the galaxy’s favorite princess-turned-general who was last seen during The Last Jedi.

Sadly, Fisher passed away before Rian Johnson’s Star Wars sequel saw the warm light of day, leading the Powers That Be to dedicate Episode VIII to the actress and her long-lasting legacy.

Turns out we haven’t seen the last of General Leia, though, as it’s since been confirmed that J.J. Abrams has carved out room for the Resistance leader in Star Wars: Episode IX. Further details on that role remain under lock and key, but that hasn’t stopped Internet forums from running amok with speculation.

Today brings news from Todd Fisher himself though, the sole surviving brother of Carrie, who opened up to ET Canada about her involvement in Episode IX.

My sister and Princess Leia are the same thing. And the idea of that story stopping and her not carrying forward is very disturbing to me. It is awesome that it worked out this way and, thanks to [director] J.J. Abrams, this is going to be very magical and important to us all…bring her into the story in a way as if they filmed it yesterday. The things that she shot a few years ago are frozen in time, so to speak, and [have] been reborn into the final ‘Star Wars’ where she is the character that needed to continue.

Given the Lucasfilm threequel has only just entered production, the mystery surrounding Leia’s role will continue to fester for another few weeks (months, perhaps?) before the studio is ready to let the cat out of the bag.

And as for Mark Hamill? He’s seemingly bound for Pinewood Studios, where J.J. Abrams and his team have been shooting Star Wars: Episode IX for the past two weeks.