Star Wars: Episode IX Concept Art Leak Reveals New Aliens


A new batch of Star Wars: Episode IX concept art has made its way online this weekend and teases an assortment of character designs, from Rey’s latest outfit to Richard E. Grant’s First Order uniform. But while a few familiar actors can be seen amidst the pictures, a good proportion of the images exhibit a variety of non-human characters who’ll be entering the fray.

As it stands, we have few details on any of these aliens, but the leak’s accompany text does label the creature marked “G” as a “Young Mon Cal,” indicating that the fish-like figure is of the same species as the late Admiral Ackbar. Meanwhile, “M” is referred to as a “Horned Pilot,” and “B” is described as a “New droid that will annoy BB-8.”

Interestingly, it was a rumor back in December that BB-8 will have a droid companion. In a report from Making Star Wars, the design of the character was compared to a megaphone – a description which lines up very well with the above image. It was also alleged that the droid will be an “ugly duckling” type who treats BB-8 almost like a parent. As for the newcomer’s name, the report claimed that the droid has been referred to as “Dio,” while acknowledging that it may actually be spelled “D.O.”

In any case, though it’s unclear how many of the leaked designs will make their way into the final film, and what part these characters will play in the action, we can at least be confident that Lucasfilm will have plenty more toys to sell later this year. And we’ll find out what other strange figures are showing up for the Sequel Trilogy finale when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.