The Good And The Bad Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Adam A. Donaldson: “It was fun! Except for the Spoiler Wars…”


What I Loved: It was fun! If there was one ingredient that the prequel trilogy was missing, it was the fun and humour of those original three movies. John Boyega brought so much to the role of Finn in terms of energy and comedic timing; it’s telling that his character was able to best bridge the gulf between generations, clicking with fellow Rebel Poe Dameron, and being a great third wheel to Han and Chewie.

Rey not only is a wonderful statement in that she’s Star Wars first full-fledged heroine, but Daisy Ridley’s got real presence, and no matter what critics may think of the character herself, there’s an indelibly positive cultural effect of seeing a young woman do all the things that girls watching Star Wars movies for 40 years have dreamed of doing. And while The Force Awakens may be validly criticized for borrowing too much from A New Hope, it at least learned all the right lessons.

What I Loathed: Let’s call it “the Spoiler Wars.” How much is too much? What constitutes a spoiler? Reactions run the gambit from some people reading basic plot details like “Finn starts the movie as a Stormtrooper” and calling that a spoiler, to people posting on social media sites full-blown plot twists, like the real identity of a certain masked villain.

Everyone’s entitled to the movie experience they want, so if you’re one of those people who are that concerned about going into the movie fresh, don’t click on any review, even the spoiler-free ones. And to the others, Star Wars appeals to the kid in all of us, so let us engage one of those age old lessons you’re supposed to learn as a child, and remember to “do unto others,” lest there’s a movie you care deeply about being spoiled for you one day.