7 Takeaways From The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer


After what felt like an insurmountable amount of waiting, the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens landed online in all of its geeky and spectacular glory. Reactions to it so far seem to be incredibly strong, and one thing is abundantly clear: Star Wars is back!

With the beloved saga’s return comes a handful of questions, and if you thought we had inquiries before the trailer arrived, you have no idea what kind of theories, speculation, and excited daydreams we’re cooking up now that we’ve had an 88 second glimpse at what J.J. Abrams has in store for the Star Wars universe.

Up until now, we’ve had absolutely no official information to go on, but with this first, tantalizing preview, we at least have some idea of what’s in store for us. So, on that note, here are the 7 biggest things that we took away from the trailer.