Star Wars Series About A Force-Sensitive Bounty Hunter Reportedly In The Works

The Mandalorian: This Is The Way

While the movie side of things is currently in limbo, Star Wars is massively expanding on TV. Thanks to The Mandalorian‘s enormous success, Lucasfilm and Disney Plus have a swathe of spinoffs in the works, with more being developed all the time. Case in point, a new report suggests we could soon get another series based around a bounty hunter, though this one will have an extra twist.

That Hashtag Show has shared that a show featuring a female Force-sensitive bounty hunter is being worked on. THS even shared a rough premise. At the beginning of the show, the hunter will be repressing and hiding her Force ability, but when a target escapes and informs the Empire of the truth, the Inquisitors are sent to track her down and destroy her.

THS’s Professor Hulk also reveals that he’s seen some “early concept art” which promises that this will be “a visually interesting and vibrant show” containing more “visual diversity” than The Mandalorian. As for the bounty hunter protagonist herself, they apparently wear white armor with some red and black accents, along with a domed helmet.

And here’s the most intriguing part of the report. After consulting with Star Wars experts, THS believes the bounty hunter in question could be a grown-up Omega, as just introduced in The Bad Batch animated series. This is more like an educated speculation at this point, though, and is not confirmed.

Despite being a potential spinoff of an all-ages animation, though, this as-yet-untitled show is said to be less family-friendly than Mandalorian and the thinking is that it’ll be geared more towards teens and adults. In other words, don’t expect another adorable Grogu-like side character.

It’s interesting that this news comes hot on the heels of RebelsJason Isaacs teasing that he’s about to return as the Grand Inquisitor. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. While we wait for more on this intriguing Star Wars series, remember The Book of Boba Fett hits Disney Plus this December 29th.