Star Wars Writer Teases Terrible Punishment For Darth Vader, Will Tie Into Rise Of Skywalker


Star Wars is going to introduce a twist in Darth Vader’s narrative that somehow connects him to the last movie in the Skywalker Saga.

Darth Vader #1 had the former Chosen One going on a quest to find his son and seek vengeance on those who hid him from the Empire. The dark lord eventually ended up on Tatooine and Coruscant and even got to reunite with his wife Padme. Of course, the next issue revealed the truth behind the Senator’s phantom, but it still served as a poignant moment for Vader who is continually succumbing to the dark side. Now, writer Greg Pak is embarking on a new story arc with the sixth issue, one that will apparently see Palpatine’s apprentice go toe-to-toe with his master for lying about taking care of his personal matters.

Here’s what the author had to say about the next narrative at the Lucasfilm Publishing panel during the [email protected] event:

“At the end of our first arc, Vader has claims to have settled all of his previous business,” he revealed. “But the emperor knows better, he knows that Vader hasn’t settled anything. Vader is going to suffer a terrible punishment.”

Apparently, Lord Vader will be embarking on a quest whose key elements will tie into The Rise of Skywalker “in a huge way.” In addition, Pak teases that the new story arc will dig into “some great unexplored territory” that serves as a deep character study for Vader himself.

The comic series has so far been favored by Star Wars fans, since it’s part of the official canon and also sits perfectly with the established continuity of the galaxy far, far away, so it’ll definitely be interesting to see what the Sith Lord will go through in the next chapter.

Darth Vader #3 releases on July 29th, while the sixth issue is currently slated for release on October 14th.

Source: EpicStream