8 Reasons Why We Can’t Stop Talking About X-Men: Days Of Future Past


Hopefully by now, you’ve all seen Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past. It’s the film that’s got everyone talking, especially us here in the We Got This Covered bunker, and people can’t seem to get enough of it. It’s not hard to see why, either.

After the dreadful X-Men: The Last Stand (more on that later), Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class was a refreshing take on the beloved mutants and helped put the franchise back on the right path. Juggling multiple timelines and both the old and new versions of the characters, Bryan Singer sure had his hands full when he took on the incredibly ambitious Days of Future Past. But boy did he hit it out of the park.

Not only is X-Men: Days of Future Past one of the best comic book films we’ve ever seen, but it’s a one hell of a summer blockbuster, delivering on everything that audiences and fans could possibly want. A fantastic story, inventive action scenes, some great character moments and so much more. There are a ton of things to love about this movie and it’s one that we’ll definitely be re-visiting this summer.

On that note, here are 8 reasons that we’re head over heels for the film and just cannot stop talking about it. Of course, spoilers will follow.

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  1. Chuck Sylvestersays:

    It was definitely a good movie, although a couple of problems prevented me from loving it as much as most. Plot holes galore didn’t take me out of the film, just added to a list of “eh” things about it that I thought about later. Plot holes like how on Earth could the original movie timeline exist (and exist it does, as evidenced by Xavier looking into Wolverine’s head) if Mystique is captured and Sentinels are created in the 70s? Are you telling me that 50 years of mutant mayhem, some of which caused and witnessed by Styrker, who was part of the Sentinel program, wasn’t answered AT ALL by these robots?

    I’d have to disagree with you on the good work of an ensemble cast, as well. I get that it’s supposed to showcase the past more than the future, given that’s the direction the franchise is heading, but would it have killed the movie to go just A LITTLE bit more into the future plotline? We’re thrust right into the heat of the Sentinel era, and the scenes in the future are brief to say the least (besides the opening). I think future Magneto and Storm got, like, one or two lines each? Just a little bit more, maybe in the beginning before the past plotline started, would have been great. I wouldn’t have been adverse to it being a little longer.

    Which is actually a HUGE positive! I loved the fact that it never felt as if the movie was slugging along, everything had a purpose. As the movie was nearing the end, I thought to myself: It’s already over? Really? It felt like an hour had past, that was it. Which is a large, large plus.

    Other than the negatives (and the fact that the climax in the past was a tad less action-y than I would have liked, ALSO not enough Quicksilver), solid movie. I’m more a fan of the MCU myself, but I think I’m going to be an enthusiastic X-Men movie fan from here on out, more than I was anyway.

    One gripe about your review, though. “A quick hello from Rogue as she leaves her dorm with Bobby suggests – did Hank McCoy’s serum from The Last Stand not hold fast on her devastating ability?” Why would his serum even exist in this timeline? It’s iffy to start suggesting what did and did not change, but questioning if her powers were there seems a bit silly if so much else had changed. There’s also the fact that Magneto had his powers back in the original timeline’s Sentinel-based future (even so far back as immediately after Last Stand, too), so clearly the serum didn’t work as much as it could have.

  2. Matthew Ritchsays:

    It explains all that . Just saw it yesterday. You apparently weren’t paying attention. Don’t tell me it didn’t. When I watch a movie, any movie, I am glued to the screen. Nothing can budge me. I was a great film. Best x-men, top 3 or 4 marvel films, and top 5 superhero films period. It has overwhelmingly positive to critically acclaimed reviews, 112 million, fifth highest grossing memorial day weekend, and practically tied with last stand for highest box office for an x-men film with the last stand. Other than the fact it needed more future scenes and bolivar trask in the film, and it did explain and set the entire continuum correctly, I would give it an A-/A and 4.5 stars.

  3. Matthew Ritchsays:

    People are just hating because it is x-men and not iron man or batman. They have always been underwhelmed.

  4. Matthew Ritchsays:

    The so called continuum problems is bullshit. They explain it so practically a child could understand a plot which they did. You hear that haters and critics.

  5. james99201says:

    More Quicksilver (Evan Peters’ version) I think Taylor’s version is going to be dark and won’t bring the same fun that Peters version did and ultimately I see Taylors version of the character being the criticized one. And does anyone else think Taylor is alittle to bulky for this role and did you see the eye liner he wears in the movie

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