Suicide Squad Cast Member Weighs In On Recently Spoiled Justice League Cameo


We recently learned that Justice League star Ezra Miller appears in Suicide Squad as The Flash. Fans had been theorzing that this would be the case after closely examining scenes in the movie’s Comic-Con trailer, but an official cast list confirmed it, and now Jai Courtney has weighed in on Captain Boomerang’s scene with the Scarlet Speedster.

All we know for sure is that it features the hero apprehending the Task Force X member during a bank robbery, but it turns out that the actor never even met Miller. In fact, he had no idea when he shot this sequence that The Flash would eventually be added:

“I didn’t know he was in the movie until I saw the movie! True! It’s funny, because I look back on it and think, ‘ya f***in’ moron, of course that’s what was happening!’ But even shooting that [scene], it didn’t occur to me. It wasn’t so prescriptive in the script. That was a little gem they were keeping, and rightly so, I understand why they’d want to protect that.”

Courtney goes on to express his disappointment that The Flash’s role was leaked, but makes a valid point by mentioning that many fans will now likely be even more intrigued to see Suicide Squad in order to watch the hero in action. He also expresses an interest in being able to reprise the role in the Fastest Man Alive’s planned solo outing.

Whether or not that’s going to happen remains to be seen, but The Flash can definitely be added to the long list of reasons to check out Suicide Squad next Friday.