Suicide Squad Director Reacts To #ReleaseTheAyerCut Campaign

Suicide Squad
Image via DC Films/Warner Bros.

David Ayer may have recently posted a social media statement explaining that he’s no longer going to speak publicly about the behind the scenes machinations which effectively saw Suicide Squad taken out of his hands in post-production, but he’s clearly more than happy to thank the fans who continue to have his back.

Once Zack Snyder’s Justice League morphed from wishful thinking into hotly-anticipated HBO Max exclusive, there was genuine hope that the Ayer Cut would be next in line, and with good reason. Snyder’s reworked DCEU blockbuster generated mountains of buzz, and Suicide Squad was in much better shape to begin with.

Ayer admitted last year that all of the footage was already in the can, so it would have also been a whole lot cheaper to put together than the reported $70 million the studio spent on the Snyder Cut. WarnerMedia’s Ann Sarnoff may have dismissed the idea unequivocally, but the fanbase simply aren’t going to give up.

As you can see below, Ayer was humbled by the latest stage of the never-ending fan campaign, which saw #ReleaseTheAyerCut generate well in excess of 400,000 retweets.

Regardless of what gets said in public, fans are never going to give up on Ayer’s preferred cut of Suicide Squad seeing the light of day, especially when the Justice League precedent has already been set. Campaigns never tend to yield much in the way of tangible rewards, but the Warner Bros. top brass will be fully aware that they’ve got a headline-grabbing project tucked under their belts that they can unleash whenever they see fit. It’s just a case of playing the waiting game to see how things unfold from here.