Suicide Squad: The Joker Is The Centerpiece Of New Behind-The-Scenes Pic


Regardless of how Suicide Squad fared earlier in the year, David Ayer’s star-studded ensemble piece has carved out an overly passionate niche of fans that have but one question in mind: When will Warner Bros. reunite Task Force X for a sequel?

Still nothing to report on that front just yet, but after amassing close to $750 million at the international box office, chances are WB will get the gang back together at some point further down the line – and that’s not counting the Margot Robbie-fronted spinoff movie that’s set to feature Harley Quinn. Until that one scurries into theatres, we now have a brand new Suicide Squad pic to keep us ticking over that features both Quinn and her puddin’, Jared Leto’s Clown Prince of Crime.

First posted via Clay Enos’ ever-active Twitter feed (via CBM), the image looks to have been taken from one of the earlier segments of Suicide Squad, long before Mr. J dunks Harley in Ace Chemicals and effectively moulds her into the demented witch fans know and love. Indeed, if there’s one subplot that was largely pushed to the sidelines in David Ayer’s divisive spinoff, it’s the fiery relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn. Will the DCEU reunite the twosome further down the line? Time will tell.

The Extended Cut of Suicide Squad is now available on Digital HD (our review) and is expected to make the jump to Blu-ray on December 13th, right in time for Christmas.