Summer 2012 Movie Awards!

With the summer movie season having wrapped up, it’s time to take a look back at what the last four months have delivered.

This was not a particularly impressive summer at the movies, with the majority of titles severely underwhelming both critically and commercially. Nevertheless, I found plenty of gems among the avalanche of releases, and more than a few standout performances, moments, and overall experiences worth celebrating.

But now that summer has ended, what stood out the most? Which performances were the most impressive? Which film was the most surprising? Which was the most shockingly disappointing? Which films had the best music, or screenplays, and which impressed the most overall?

These are the questions we shall answer today with our End Of Summer Movie Awards. There are twelve categories, each with a winner and several runners-up, and it is my hope this retrospective will shine a light on what was truly best this summer, whether it proved popular or not.


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