Summer 2012 Movie Awards!


With the summer movie season having wrapped up, it’s time to take a look back at what the last four months have delivered.

This was not a particularly impressive summer at the movies, with the majority of titles severely underwhelming both critically and commercially. Nevertheless, I found plenty of gems among the avalanche of releases, and more than a few standout performances, moments, and overall experiences worth celebrating.

But now that summer has ended, what stood out the most? Which performances were the most impressive? Which film was the most surprising? Which was the most shockingly disappointing? Which films had the best music, or screenplays, and which impressed the most overall?

These are the questions we shall answer today with our End Of Summer Movie Awards. There are twelve categories, each with a winner and several runners-up, and it is my hope this retrospective will shine a light on what was truly best this summer, whether it proved popular or not.


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  1. faybonsays:


  2. Matt Percivalsays:

    There’s no way that Spider-Man has the best score of the year! Moonrise Kingdom and TDKR’s scores carry with you long after the movie is finished. James Horner’s is forgettable I don’t even remember how it sounded.

  3. Keltarisays:

    Sorry. TDKR was not that great… Actually, it was not even good. If anything, TDKR has to be one of the most overrated films of all time. Its a shame, since Batman Begins was great and the Dark Knight is probably the best superhero movie to date. As for Anne Hatheway as best actress? I completely disagree with that. The movie would have been better without her, her role was practically meaningless.

    1. Briansays:

      See this is where your hype and pop culture influences take over. The Dark Knight is the most overrated movie of all time. If Heath was still alive that film would have only grossed half as much as it did. Sorry but that’s the truth. Case in point, The Dark Knight Rises was so over hyped that people weren’t going to be able to watch it without being disappointed. Long story short, the bandwagon of Dark Knight fans, including you, have twisted the two films because of a false sense of “amazing movie” with The Dark Knight.

      I’m not a fan of Nolan’s Batman but I can recognize that Rises was EASILY the best of the trilogy.

      1. Keltarisays:

        You have it wrong. I was not swept up by hype, I had no expectations for the movie. I am basing the movie review solely on the movie itself. The movie was to long, preachy, and so boring I almost got up and left.

      2. Richsays:

        TDKR and Batman Begins, as a whole, aren’t very good movies. The Dark Knight is, though. Even if Heath Ledger hadn’t died, his performance is still phenomenal. TDKR is a mess, though, with boring action sequences (besides the opening scene), and a convoluted story. As Keltari says, it’s one of the most overrated movies of all time. I don’t understand why people have jumped to it so much, given its lack of quality.

      3. liplipsays:

        Wow, couldn’t disagree more with you!…this was EASILY the worst of Nolan’s trilogy. The other 2 were amazing movies, not just comic book adaptation movies. Begins had much better writing/dialogue/storyline and TDK was just an amazing mix of that, action, and performace from Ledger. I’m left dissapointed in TDKR simply because it wasn’t that great in too many aspects (writing/dialogue was cheesy way to often and too many moments when people should’ve died….looking at you Gordon and Batman himself).

      4. susy susysays:

        TDK was better than Rises by a mile and not just because of Heath’s’s like a perfect crime thriller

    2. liplipsays:

      I agree completely that TDKR was not great. It was way too full of cheesy dialogue and too many “perfect timing” moments that became rediculous by the end. I did like a lot about it and one of them is Hatheway’s Catwoman, couldn’t agree more with the writer of the article that she now owns that role and is the one all others have to look up to. Also, Hardy as Bane was equally as amazing and up there as one of the better villians I’ve seen in film.

    3. That Anonymous Fat Guysays:

      Mate, there’s a reason why your comment has 41 more dislikes than likes.

  4. Ryansays:

    The score for Spider-Man was awful, I actually found it really distracting whilst watching the movie.

    1. brunosays:

      Agree with you bro. The music in this movie is horrible. I don’t know what happens with james horner.

    2. ImHungrysays:

      I personally didn’t like that movie, I thought the acting wasn’t as good as it could have been, the music was nothing to right home about, and the story was could have been much better. Sony should just give up and let marvel take over. Movie of the year (as of 8/3/12)? Avengers hands down awesome acting, great music, fantastic writing and directing; it’s the perfect superhero movie.

      1. Acting? Since when do you go into movies like this and similar ones like The Expendables and for some reason think acting? Neither of them have acting as being important.Movie basically had no storyline to speak of.It’s alright lets get together and stop acting like morons and go beat the living daylights out of everything.Acting wasn’t even existent in that movie lets be completely honest.

      2. Neither was the Dark Knight rises then for that matter. Or any superhero movie… What makes the Avengers a perfect superhero movies is the awesome CGI, it has a story with no flaws in it. (Unlike the Dark Knight Rises) and I mean no flaws, I’ve watched it over 20 times and every question or issue has a resolution or answer to it. And there is a few deleted scenes which explain how Bruce Banner got his Motorcycle. The Avengers has a little of everything in it, there is romance, Black Widow and Hawk Eye, Tony Stark and Pepper Pots, then there is comedy, Hulk punching Thor, hulk beating the crap out of Loki, and then it also had a great cast and great acting. I can see where you are coming from, but you clearly don’t understand how movies work. If there is a superhero movie with terrible acting, you won’t like it. Why do you think Spider-Man 3 was such a flop? Bad acting and poor directing. Granted the Avengers had a lot of action, the parts where acting was needed was spot on. That is what made it the perfect film with tons of re-watch-ability.

  5. Though Avengers’ directing was great, it still doesn’t reach Nolan’s work in the Dark Knight Rises. I completely disagree on that one.

    1. The Dark Knight Rises was terrible, filled with loads of missing plot. Nolan did a great job in the first 2, and brought up several points. In the last movie he forgot everything he said and did things that were not explainable. It was a sure case of poor writers who didn’t even let us know what happened to Bruce Wayne for 8 years. They never explained the resolution with the Joker, or any of the other villains really. He butchered several characters like Gordon, ruining any previous character development. This movie also was so poorly timed going ever so slow at the beginning then rushing through 3 months of time in the course of about 15 minutes, and worse of all is they don’t even explain that 3 months passed. Although I think the Dark Knight Rises had some great parts to the movie, I feel over all it was a flop. With a clearly rushed script and a very unoriginal story line. Although I do enjoy Nolan’s work, he has still yet to make an original movie. Inception is an amazing movie, but even that is just the Matrix in a different settings.

  6. abvetorsays:

    dude this article is totally biased

  7. Lever87says:

    The music was shit. It was a blatant rip of of titanic. James Horner does this in every movie. He is also still using that shit, cheap midi sound, even though Spider-mans budget was huge.

  8. Jeffsays:

    TDKR all day people, my best movie of 2012 hands down.

  9. Guestsays:

    Hey everybody, let’s keep things civil here…these are just my opinions, there’s nothing ‘definitive’ about these awards, or any other opinions any writer shares on the internet. Just reflects my tastes, which will never perfectly line up with another person’s, just as all your tastes are obviously a little different from mine and each others. No need to get huffy about it. If you are baffled by my choices, just read the accompanying paragraphs…they won’t change your mind, that’s not the point of film criticism, but they do explain my thoughts. And please don’t be rude to other commenters. We can disagree, but let’s keep it calm and polite, okay?

  10. @TerryTheHatsays:

    I think you overlooked ’21 Jump Street’ here man.
    Personally think that was a great movie, and I would say both Hill’s and Tatum’s performances were on par if not better than Garfield’s – though he did a good job.
    However, most of these movies are ‘mainstream’ block busters, so I am not surprised their is no mention of ‘The Raid’ which for me was the biggest surprise, I thought it was a genuinely brilliant movie and a real refreshing take on the genre.
    The only one I kind of agree with is Fassbender, he was amazing but I don’t know if it was better than Hardy’s performance as Bane, totally different acting.
    I must also agree with what the other guys are saying, Hans Zimmer all the way.

    1. 21 Jump Street wasn’t a summer movie

  11. Charles Jackson IIIsays:

    Dark Knight Rises was trite and uninspired. Why people are still riding Nolan’s nuts after this and the BLOATED Inception is beyond me. The Dark Knight Returns and The Prestige will probably remain his best films. The last he made before he got full of himself.

    1. liplipsays:

      Inception was genius and fun on soooo many levels and along with Memento are my favorite films by him by far. Memento has been hanging on to my #2 spot of all time for a while now.

    2. That Anonymous Fat Guysays:

      The Dark Knight Returns? When did that one come out?

  12. liplipsays:

    Did you just not watch The Hunger Games possibly?…how Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t get a mention for female lead is crazy…she was able to take the major role from the book, which had a lot of the dialoge in her head while she was by herself or just commenting in general about the situation at hand, and was able to convey a good portion of that in completely silent ways…IMO she deserves an Oscar nomination for that role

    1. Hunger Games came out in March. That’s not summer. She won’t get an oscar nom. She was good, but not that good

      1. liplipsays:

        Good call on the when it came out, I was thinking it was May (which I consider summer movie season these days). Again, it was IMO that she deserves an Oscar nod, but from what I’ve heard out there it’s quite possible she may be on that list.

      2. If “Hunger Games” had come out during the summer, Lawrence would get my Best Actress award, no questions asked. She was spectacular.

  13. I love the character of Seline Kyle in TDKR,but it’s sad that she has almost no weight in the plot.

  14. Kylesays:

    Personally I agree with Prometheus being the biggest disapointment but i do not agree that TDKR is the best film of the summer (The Avengers obviously is ) and The Avengers also had a very good film score.

    1. That Anonymous Fat Guysays:

      How is the avengers possibly better than The Dark Knight Rises. TDKR rises head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, while TDKR climbs out of the pit, all the others are still lying in bed at the bottom, occasionally attempting the climb but then realising they can’t keep up and falling back down.

      1. MichaeltheArchangelsays:

        I see you were paying attention to TDKR. Since 90% of that movie was just about climbing… Nolan really dissapointed.

      2. Apparently you forgot about the part with Bruce’s father from the very first movie.When he fell down the well saying how when they fall they get back up you must have forgotten that piece of information.

  15. comeouttoplaywarriorssays:

    I hate that I have to read such retarded opinions….is no one a fan of movies anymore? We go to the movies for entertainment. To read such things as Nolan should have done this, or he should have done that…it doesn’t matter because it can’t be changed. I love this trilogy, and if you don’t, well then yippie fucking doo dah thats fine…but if you think you could have done something better than write your own batman movie and film it on your i phone that your parents pay for.

  16. timoteysays:

    The best score? Definitely TDKR. Deshi Basara is simply haunting, just like Mind If I Cut In? Amazing tunes.

  17. ASFansays:

    The Watch wasn’t from Columbia. It was Fox.

  18. Komuro Ichosays:

    Also have to agree with TDRK being terribly overrated. Glad to see I’m not the only one here with that sentiment. I think Nolan’s whole take on batman is off. Batman is supposed to be a superhero who uses his superior intelligence, planning and ingenuity to run with big boys like superman. To see him just duking it out with a physically stronger opponent–not even fighting intelligently but with a stiff, mindless fighting style was really disappointing. The fight scenes in TDRK were poorly choreographed, and the plot was uninspired and full of holes. Bane was the most boring villain to date and I’m sorry to say that Bane’s mask just looked dumb. The Dark Night, though suffering from similar flaws, was a much much better movie thanks to Heath Ledger’s Joker. I still don’t think any film adaptation (not counting the animated versions) of the the batman character beats Tim Burton’s original take on it in his first Batman movie in 1989. Sadly, after all these years, Nolan is still riding on Burton’s interpretation of the character. He’s just added a little military-esque aesthetic to the rubber suit and vehicles and replaced the fun and style in Burton’s film with boring pseudo-realism.

    1. Alex Saldiernasays:

      Which Batman are you a fan of? Superfriends? Lol

    2. your misleading the fact that Nolans Batman was focus on Frank Millers Comic Book Batman franchise not Tim Burton’s Batman films. However I think Frank Millers Batman retakes on who Bruce Wayne really is a young lost individual after his parents was murdered of course it has to be dark. TDRK was not the best of the franchise in my opinion there were some scenes that were off but it its, what it is that was Nolans plan to end the franchise, dont get me wrong I liked the film

    3. That Anonymous Fat Guysays:

      I believe you are retarded.

    4. Tim Burton’s Batman is one you can’t even take remotely seriously.It’s completely goofy and mind numbingly awful for the most part. The praise for Jack Nicholson I’ll never understand since his character was so unbelievably goofy and was just too stupid to even care about. With the villains you can say you don’t like Bane as much as the Joker which is fine you can make that choice for yourself. Nothing was wrong with those fight scenes.As Robert Julio said the movie is based off of Frank Miller’s graphic novel and not anything to has to do with Tim Burton’s Batman.

    5. Timm Higginssays:

      Put the pipe down and walk away. I’m hoping you’re just doing this to troll. Because if that is the case you’re going it right.

  19. TDKR would have been a whole lot better had Heath lived to play Joker again. His line “You and I are destined to do this forever” would have been the basis for TDKR, but instead, out of Nolan’s respect for Heath, based TDKR very heavily on Ra’s and the League of Shadows.

    1. That’s not why Nolan changed it. We probably would have seen a Joker cameo, but no, this is still pretty much what we would have got

  20. Simon Corbettsays:

    Bane from dark knight rises should be on the worst.

  21. lukesays:

    james horner score wasn’t bad, sometimes it just went on for too long and didnt fit in some of the action scenes. but the main theme he did was really good

  22. Loved TDKR, but The Avengers is a film I could watch over and over and never get tired of it! TDKR was great, but after seeing it 4 time since it’s release, its hard to think about seeing the 3 hours again anytime soon!

  23. jesssays:

    I would not say paranorman is a “family film” I enjoyed it, but i would be mortified at the thought of taking small children to see it. I thought that it needed a pg-13 rating for its off color comedy that is not child friendly.

  24. wisiensays:

    The Avengers, The Avengers …. maybe it’s just me but i was really disapointed with this movie … after all these extra scenes after credits … haven seen Spider-man yet but as far as for TDKR it was the best acion film

    One more thing … the author said Madagascar 3 was garbage … maybe but anyway i was laighing as hell … but i admitt the plot was so stupid yet the policewoman(animal police?)
    was so damn funny


  25. John UKsays:

    All of Nolan’s Dark Knight films were awful. The unbelievable leads ruined these films and the moralistic story lines made me sick. One day the Knight will actually be dark, the way he was always meant be to be. A strong, resourceful, terrifying revenge monster. Not a broken man crawling off into the sunset.

    1. That Anonymous Fat Guysays:

      How the hell does your comment even have 1 like?

  26. Bradysays:

    I seem to be one of the few who REALLY enjoyed the score for Amazing Spider-Man.

  27. victorsays:

    i agree with you in every category actually! and these were all in my list of top movies of the summer with TDKR def taking the number one with avengers and seeking a friend right behind it. I’ll acknowledge that TDKR wasnt perfect or the best out of the trilogy even(begins will always be my fav) but it was an amazing movie that took me in directions i never expected it to go. which is a good thing because they could have just made TDK again with the riddler in place of the joker and appeased more of the masses. I also felt that Hardys unconventional approach to bane made for a much deeper and interesting character then almost any batman villian to make it to the big screen in …well ever! aside from ledgers joker.
    So where it may not have live quite up to the expectations that were put on it, TDKR far exceeded being a great movie in its own way

    1. That Anonymous Fat Guysays:

      So you genuinely agree with him about the best score going to Spider Man?

  28. Whoa ! Hans zimmer totally deserved best music. TDKR music was simply haunting!

  29. Surprised at all of the love for The Amazing Spider-Man; other than the actors, I thought the movie was crap. Good thoughts otherwise though.

  30. Batmansays:

    god no….i really didn’t care for this score….Avengers was way better then this…but the best is TDKR…come on man

  31. Dawkitosays:

    As much as I love TDK franchise, TDKR was a little misstep. But of course we could argue about that forever…And even though I like DC more than Marvel, The Avengers were the biggest surprise of the summer. IMO.

  32. Masonsays:

    If you’re going to put a concert doc as the “Biggest Surprise” it should have at least been Shut Up And Play The Hits.

  33. Jezamiahsays:

    I’ve even got the whole Official Soundtrack of the Dark Knight Rises on my music player that’s how good it was!

  34. robgrizzlysays:

    Spiderman for music is a disastrous decision. I can’t agree with Garfield as the best leading male performance either. Bale, Downey, Evans, and even a slew of supporting players run circles around this hipster, skateboarding Peter Parker.

    Supporting female should have gone to Charlize Theron for Show White and the Huntsman. But I can’t complain about Hathaway.

    These issues aside, I think this was pretty good.

  35. jay kaysays:

    The hands-down BEST performance by a male actor was by Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in The Avengers – Garfield did NOT come close (Andrew was weak as Peter; but spot-on when in Spidey costume!) – Since The Avengers did not have a ‘lead’ performer, I thought that he should have snagged it. BTW, I thought that TDKR’s score was better than Spidey – it was truly CINEMATIC and did what all REALLY good cores do, it ENHANCED The movie watching experience. Best movie was The Raid’ Redemption.

  36. ASBsays:

    Are you kidding!? Chris Nolan doesn’t win the best director!?


    1. jonsays:

      joss whedon winning makes perfect sense to me. Chris Nolan wrote and directed a great movie to end his batman trilogy, but whedon wrote and directed a movie that really shouldn’t have worked at all, given the range of characters, and made it an extraordinary, fun, humorous, exciting, well-written blockbuster thrill ride. The plot of the movie was simple, but the way the characters were written and interact with each other was flawless, and every actor owned their role.

      I loved TDKR but at the end of the day, i feel like it was too much for its own good. It almost felt epic just for the sake of being epic. By the time the (final) climax came around, it felt like the movie had already peaked with bane breaking batman’s back, bruce climbing out of the prison, and maybe the second fight with bane, which wasn’t as impressive as it could have been. It’s still a great movie in its own right, but it isn’t an end all masterpiece that people are making it out to be. I think people were just so built up and hyped over it that they refuse to believe it’s anything less than the greatest movie they’d ever seen. In that regard, i think Avengers is the better film, because it’s completely aware of the kind of film it’s supposed to be and embraces it with perfection.

      1. That Anonymous Fat Guysays:

        Ending a trilogy as good as The Dark Knight Trilogy is the hardest job imaginable. We’ve seen others fall down (Star Wars, Godfather) but Nolan rises. Joss Whedon just chucked a bunch of guys with special powers in and had them shoot at aliens for a couple of hours. Nolan made something truly special.

  37. bad choice all of them action movie

  38. gac_mansays:

    Shouldn’t the biggest disappoint have gone to Spider-man? I loved Prometheus. Did not love the Spider-man reboot.

    1. Keldrocsays:

      Nah. Spider-Man was unquestionably a disappointment, but Prometheus was an unmitigated disaster aside from Fassbender’s performance. Atrocious from start to finish. I would never have believed Ridley Scott capable of such terrible work if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

    2. Xico Blancosays:

      I thought the Amazing Spider-Man was great, as did the person who wrote this article

      1. Eric Jonessays:

        That’s because you are both fucking morons, Xico, like whatever moron thought up that name.

      2. Kyle4says:

        “Someone has a different opinion me, they’re a moron”. Spider-Man was pretty well received by critics and did well at the box office.

  39. Yes Hans Zimmer is the best. I can’t even remember a melody from the Amazing Spiderman.

  40. Tomsays:

    How the fck do you have spider man as best lead actor and best music? Also joss whedon best director? He had the easiest job in the world, all he had to do was put all these characters that already had their own films and mash them up. No vision there, no creativity just mashing sh1t together. You have terrible taste my friend, the two things you got correct: best movie is indeed Dark Knight Rises and the best music should be with TDKR also, have you heard what Hans Zimmer has done? You must have not done so yet. Also best Director without a doubt, Christopher Nolan, TDKR is the winner this year.

    1. That Anonymous Fat Guysays:

      What was the second thing he got correct?

  41. Timmysays:

    “Hey everybody, let’s keep things civil here…these are just my opinions, there’s nothing ‘definitive’ about these awards, or any other opinions any writer shares on the internet. Just reflects my tastes, which will never perfectly line up with another person’s, just as all your tastes are obviously a little different from mine and each others. No need to get huffy about it. If you are baffled by my choices, just read the accompanying paragraphs…they won’t change your mind, that’s not the point of film criticism, but they do explain my thoughts. And please don’t be rude to other commenters. We can disagree, but let’s keep it calm and polite, okay?”

    Sure thing buddy, but the fact is you do have bad taste. How could you say Joss Whedon is the best director over Christopher nolan? How could you pick Spiderman’s god awful music over TDKR’s epic music? How could you pick ANDREW GARFIELD as best actor? are you kidding me? How do you have this job, is my question.

  42. I had to stop when you started bagging on The Watch. Guess I won’t be back to this site…

  43. When you put The Amazing Spider-Man at the top of a list, people should stop letting you make lists.

  44. Eric Jonessays:

    Starts with Andrew Garfield as a best, no reason to read the rest of the fucking stupid article.

    1. That Anonymous Fat Guysays:

      Don’t worry; it gets good in the 7th page. 🙂

  45. seksivitezsays:

    yet another internet herd of haters making sure they are on the same page.

  46. Lovesays:

    Prometheus was the BEST film of the summer and possibly the best of the year. It’s the only true sci-fi movie to come out in years…YEARS!

  47. Avengers all the way IMO. TDKR was good, like a 7 out of 10 good, but highly overrated by epic proportions. The Avengers exceeded most peoples expectations, TDKR never had a chance to even meet it’s expectations except for people who made up their minds that it was going to be all that before they even went in.

    1. Joeleosays:

      Agree with you, Dark Knight Rises was good but not as good as Batman Begins nor Dark Knight. Avengers was the better movie. Had Avengers come out against either of the previous Batman movies, that would’ve been a tough call. All very good movies but it’s comparing dark to glossy, more serious to humorous. Just looking forward to more

  48. Avengers, TDKR & Prometheus best of Summer 2012

  49. Rogersays:

    Bane was a HUGE dissapointment! pun intended since he was not in the dark knight rises! SMH!!!!

    1. Kyle4says:

      What film were you watching? Bane was in the DKR. He wasn’t played by someone like Brock Lesnar because that’d be ridiculous.

  50. Bossysays:

    Lol at not mentining Hiddlestone, the best supporting after Fassy without a single doubt.

  51. Kyle4says:

    This was a solid list and I agree that The Dark Knight Rises was the best film of the summer. Nolan ended the trilogy on a spectacular note, a film that required controlling one’s hype to realize just how good it was. With Bane the trilogy spawned yet another iconic villain and Hathaway played the definitive Catwoman. It’s going to be tough rebooting the franchise after this.

    1. susy susysays:

      Bane died like a pussy

  52. Agree with others – SPIDEYMAN score was terrible…

    Agree with article, PROMETHEUS was a HUUUUGE letdown.

    Disagree about best film – definitely was THE AVENGERS…

    How is it, I just can’t understand, how is it that people are not able to realize that TDKR was hooooooorible!!! Such a ludicrously dreadful follow up to DARK KNIGHT, which should have won best picture itself… ugh!

  53. TDKR all day Bane was by far the best supporting character David was ok but he wasnt more interesting than bane & Hans Zimmers music is remarkable

  54. very well written article with great critical opinions. Also, could not agree more with TDKR as the best film of the summer.

    1. However the one thing I disagree with is the score. Not exactly sure whose was the best, but I’m certain it wasn’t The Amazing Spiderman.

  55. rukiddingmesays:

    Nolan’s work is definitely better than ‘The Avengers’. TDKR is by far a much better movie compared to avenger

  56. What did you mean this is not a impressive movie summer. Avenger was uniqe so many superheroes in movie. not to talk about so many stars. And Dark knight rises was brilliant. though spiderman was a bit dissapinting

  57. Spider-man’s unnecessary reboot sucked all the way, nothing to love about it!!

  58. That Makes No Sensesays:

    How can TDKR win best film of the summer and Whedon get best Director? That makes no sense.

  59. Seven Psychopaths ….. best of the year.

  60. grtsays:

    Dark Knight Rises the best film??? I thought it was quite bad and full of logic errors. Bane just looked stupid with this mask. The funniest moment was at the end, when he gets degraded to being a lap-dog for his mistress and squeezed out a tear. I instantly started laughing when I saw that. Really, TDKR is crap. But then, this is Hollywood. Lots of effects, cheesy dialogues and poor story.

  61. Elephant timesays:

    I’m a massive Spiderman fan, always have been, always will be. That being said, the most recent cinematic outing for him was incredibly weak in comparison to the original (though I admit Andrew Garfield did a fine job). However, what was more weak than the film itself was that friggin’ score. It was the same sound over and over again, used in every moment. The original Danny Elfman score was swirling, moving, and came in waves. Was constantly hitting you with multiple emotions at once, while getting you excited for what you were about to see. This new score did nothing.

  62. the dark knight biasessays:

    why can’t we all just get along. go movies! article’s writer was clearly in the pocket of production teams of about 6 specific movies, the ones he/she continually mentions and lists as winner/nominees of best movie of summer

  63. the dark knight biasessays:

    why can’t we all just get along. go movies! article’s writer was clearly in the pocket of production teams of about 6 specific movies, the ones he/she continually mentions and lists as winner/nominees of best movie of summer

  64. My choice for best movie would have probably been The Avengers but The Dark Knight Rises was still fantastic as well. Its a close call no matter which one you chose.

  65. terrible list

  66. johnathansays:

    did u even watch any of these movies? some choices u make good/(tdkr best movie) but most horrible choices ur a terrible critic

  67. I’ll stick to IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, this article is plagues with poor taste and criticisms.

  68. Blokesays:

    Hardy didn’t look at all like bane, he looked silly and sounded like a cross between Sean Connery and Yoda

  69. Justin Parrissays:

    As a massive Batman fan, who went to the midnight showing of Batman Begins in an empty theater, I found Dark Knight Rises extremely disappointing.Large portions of character motivation made no sense, themes and morals that directly contradict those of previous films in the series, etc etc.

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