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Super Mario Bros. Cast Reveal Leaves Fans Demanding Danny Devito Voice Role

While fans are disappointed the star wasn't cast as Mario, they still want to see him make the cut.

With Nintendo sharing the cast for its upcoming animated Super Mario Bros. film the reaction from fans has been quite mixed. Some fans have been celebrating seeing household names such as Jack Black or Seth Rogen taking part in the project, while others have other ideas of who should voice these iconic roles.

Since the announcement, many fans have spoken out with the opinion that Chris Pratt should not have been cast as Mario, rather Danny Devito should have been given the role. The film is set to be animated so the actor would only be lending their voice but still, fans have taken to social media in force sharing this sentiment.

Devito wouldn’t have been the only Always Sunny alumni to act in the film had he been cast, as the role of Luigi was given to Charlie Day. This dynamic within the world of Mario would have been something to behold, but it’s very unlikely we’ll see it.

Since Mario was already cast, fans have been asking for Devito to be given the role of Wario, Yoshi, or other characters within the Mario universe just to get him in on the action. While it seems unlikely Devito will star, you can catch Super Mario Bros. in theatres on December 21, 2022, barring any delays.

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